The fully-integrated, aviation-grade inflight connectivity and entertainment platform

Gogo AVANCE™ is the heart of our suite of platform-based products, which operate over the Gogo Biz 4G network. Gogo AVANCE seamlessly integrates connectivity control, entertainment and apps, smart cabin customization, and real-time, proactive support into one highly-configurable, personalized, sustainable, and simply remarkable technology platform.

See AVANCE technology up close, from manufacture to install

Watch the video to see up close as we create a Gogo AVANCE L5 system - the world’s first and only 4G connectivity and entertainment platform that’s ready to ship, ready to install and ready to serve you in flight.

The Gogo AVANCE platform delivers unparalleled performance

Discover a whole new level of data and voice control: whether you need a full connectivity solution including network access, or if you simply want to better manage and deliver your existing data and voice services via advanced WAN and router functionality.

Entertainment, information and apps

Imagine integrating the world’s most advanced on-demand entertainment and information service, along with HD moving maps, personal smartphone use, and even cockpit, crew and support apps. All in a single solution. That’s exactly what Gogo AVANCE gives you, featuring fully-integrated Gogo Vision IFE, Gogo Text & Talk, support for Rockwell Collins Airshow, and more. Best of all, your platform is future-ready for new ideas and services.

Smart Cabin Systems (SCS)
Integrate all inflight connectivity and entertainment technology

Built on the AVANCE platform, SCS is a powerful way to integrate your personal mix of inflight connectivity technologies to make your ideal cabin experience work – seamlessly and reliably. Whether that’s providing a single interface that passengers can use to engage with a fully connected cabin or offering up on-demand inflight maps and movies - you decide what smart looks like, and SCS does the rest.

Smart cabin customization

Now you can customize, control, simplify and deliver your ideal cabin experience. Whether it’s adjusting the ambience, following the flight with moving maps, ordering up an on-demand blockbuster movie, or surfing the web: now you can define and manage the whole experience through a single intuitive interface. Bonus feature: operators can personalize the interface with their brand.

Real-time, proactive support and tools

With Gogo AVANCE onboard, your aircraft will be connected to our new, advanced Gogo Business Services Gateway. This is customer support the way you’ve always wanted it: featuring proactive network and service monitoring, predictive and remote maintenance, improved cybersecurity, plus dashboard tools that give your crew and operators greater visibility into, and control over, their inflight experience.