Gogo Avance platform technology Gogo Avance platform technology


The fully-integrated inflight connectivity and entertainment platform

Flying smarter means making connectivity easier and more powerful. It means less downtime, greater flexibility and continuous innovation. And it’s possible with Gogo AVANCE – the brains on board all Gogo systems and the platform that delivers a superior connectivity experience for passengers, pilots and crew, operators, and support teams. Today and far into the future.

a Gogo Avance installation a Gogo Avance installation

Software based is simply better: The big 3

An exceptional inflight experience
  • More powerful, easier to use connectivity.
  • Stay in touch with business, people, entertainment, information.
  • Reliability ensures a seamless, consistent experience.
Improved operational efficiency
  • Automatic updates and remote diagnostics deliver max uptime.
  • Scale your system yourself without an LRU swap.
  • Tools for predictive maintenance, rapid troubleshooting, cost control.
Future-ready systems
  • Software-based technology keeps up with new innovations.
  • Your system investment won’t become obsolete over time.
  • Reduce cost and downtime by eliminating hardware upgrades.

Get to know Gogo AVANCE: an expert overview

How will Gogo AVANCE make your airborne experience better? Watch this video and let your experts explain why Gogo AVANCE is the most powerful, innovative inflight connectivity solution you'll ever see.

an illustration showing the components of the Gogo Avance platform an illustration showing the components of the Gogo Avance platform

The keys to better connectivity

All Gogo AVANCE systems are based on our exclusive software platform and deliver an exceptional IFEC experience via 5 key components.

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Gogo AVANCE complete connectivity systems

Whether you want our full 4G-powered experience, or 3G broadband for greater inflight productivity, these AVANCE systems connect to you to so much more than the internet.


Gogo AVANCE L5 is the fully integrated, platform-based system that delivers the entire Gogo Biz 4G experience: network connectivity, smart cabin customization, proactive support, and more.


Gogo AVANCE L3 connects your aircraft to the affordable, proven Gogo Biz 3G network, integrates an advanced router, and gives you platform-powered flexibility and control.

AVANCE Smart Cabin Systems (SCS)

Built on the AVANCE platform, SCS lets you integrate your existing mix of inflight connectivity technologies (both ATG and global) to make your ideal cabin experience work – seamlessly and reliably. 

SCS Elite

For aircraft that already have diverse connectivity, entertainment and CMS technologies, SCS Elite is a master integrator and 802.11ac advanced router that significantly simplifies and improves your cabin experience.

SCS Media

SCS Media is a small, affordable lightweight system that lets passengers enjoy an always fresh library of on-demand movies/TV, news clips, moving maps, magazines, and destination weather. A customizable interface lets you promote your brand in the cabin.

What AVANCE system is right for your aircraft?

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