AVANCE connectivity platform

Flying smarter means making connectivity easier and more powerful. It means less downtime, greater flexibility and continuous innovation. That's the power of the Gogo AVANCE platform: the brains on board that delivers a superior connectivity experience for everyone in the air and on the ground. Today and far into the future. 

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An exceptional
inflight experience
  • More powerful, easier to use connectivity.
  • Stay in touch with business, people, entertainment, information.
  • Reliability from wheels up to wheels down.
operational efficiency
  • Automatic updates and remote diagnostics deliver max uptime.
  • Scale your system yourself without an LRU swap.
  • Tools for predictive maintenance, rapid troubleshooting, and cost control.
  • Software-based technology keeps up with new innovations.
  • Your system investment won’t become obsolete over time.
  • Reduce cost and downtime by eliminating hardware upgrades.
more info Big news: AVANCE Wi-Fi now works at 3,000ft

Gogo is proud to announce that inflight internet service for AVANCE customers now starts at 3,000ft AGL instead of the previous 10,000ft. You'll have more connectivity time to get more done during flight time.

Expert overview: Learn about AVANCE's key operational and experiential advantages

Gogo AVANCE complete connectivity systems

No matter what your ideal inflight experience looks like, we have an AVANCE system that will help you create, customize, and control it.


Built on the AVANCE platform, SCS lets you integrate your existing mix of inflight connectivity technologies (both ATG and global) to make your ideal cabin experience work – seamlessly and reliably.

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