Gogo SmartShield

Gogo’s all-new customer membership program that lets you take full advantage of exclusive protections and benefits for your Gogo inflight connectivity and entertainment investment.
It’s one more powerful example of how Gogo works harder than anyone else to be the most trusted name in business aviation connectivity.

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Greater cost control over your monthly service bills
  • Fixed service pricing
  • Monthly roll-over of unused MBs
  • Annual overage forgiveness
Peace of mind over unforeseen future parts failures
  • Full perpetual warranty
  • Expedited shipping on parts
Exclusive discounts on select product and services
  • Reduced FSE rates
  • Free yearly training (virtual)
  • Reduced pricing on Gogo Vision 360
All of this for just $5,000/year plus a 3-year service commitment at a minimum of 1GB per month*.
*Terms and conditions apply

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For additional information, please download the brochure or visit our frequently asked questions.

SmartShield is the most cost-effective upgrade path to Gogo AVANCE:

Current Classic ATG customers can receive all of SmartShield's benefits in addition to these major savings when you upgrade to an AVANCE L5:

  • $10,000 install rebate
  • ‚Äč$15,000 service credit towards your Gogo Biz 4G data plan

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Please review the SmartShield Terms and Conditions here.