a private jet sitting on a runway a private jet sitting on a runway

Wi-Fi for light jets and turboprops

Why should big iron get all the good stuff?

Gogo Business Aviation has made it our mission to offer affordable, powerful connectivity solutions specifically designed for light jets and turboprops. From in-flight Internet and email, to personal smartphone use (for calls and texting), as well as unleashing the full potential of cockpit apps, we make Wi-Fi work for owners, operators, passengers and pilots.

With affordably priced equipment and hourly data plans, no matter what your budget, affordable connectivity is within reach.

Find the right solution for your specific aircraft

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Solutions for Pilatus Aircraft


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Connectivity for Citation Aircraft


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King Air inflight solutions


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Phenom connectivity


4 key things to know about adding inflight internet

It's affordable

Hourly fixed rate plans, starting at just $39/hr, make budgeting easy.

It’s small, light equipment

We know that size and weight matter when it comes to aircraft performance. Our engineers have built Wi-Fi systems ideal for light jets and turboprops.

It delivers value

Adding connectivity to your aircraft is an investment that pays off: now and later. In fact, aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi fetch a higher resale price.

It’s smart

No one likes being disconnected today. Give everyone on board the control and freedom that comes with Wi-Fi.

Affordability. Performance. Reliability. Pick 3.

You might think that inflight Wi-Fi is cost prohibitive for light jets and turboprops. But times have changed. The cost of adding inflight Wi-Fi has never been lower, and the ROI of passenger connectivity has never been higher. Check out this short video, and then talk to us to find out more.

a smartphone with an inflight internet application

Your smartphone now has wings

Never miss a call or text again. Gogo Text & Talk lets you use your own smartphone to call and text in the air, just like you do on the ground. 

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Connectivity serves more than the cabin. Wi-Fi in your cockpit makes it easy for you to keep your electronic flight bag up to date and ensure a great flight for everyone onboard.

Connect inflight to your favorite apps including Garmin Pilot, JetFuelX, FltPlan Go, FlightAware Global, ForeFlight, myGDC and Pilotbrief Optima. Want to ensure everything from the car to dinner reservations are ready when you land? Text and talk capabilities make it easy for you to stay in touch and stay on schedule.

a corporate passenger preparing to board a private jet


Turn flight time into you time. The flexibility and convenience of owning and operating a light jet or turboprop gains even more power when you add W-Fi. Passengers can now be in control and stay connected to the people and projects that matter.

The average flight time for light jets and turboprops is between 1.5 and 3 hours — and in today’s digital world, a lot can happen in 3 hours. You shouldn’t have to land with tons of new emails, projects that need review, and missed calls/texts to return. Unless you want to. If surfing Facebook, researching your Fantasy team or chatting with family is how you want to spend your flight time, go for it. We won’t tell.

a turboprop aircraft sitting at a runway


More than 60% of business managers, corporate executives, high net worth individuals and private families say that inflight Internet is extremely important. Inflight Wi-Fi can have a real impact on flight hours, and revenue, in an increasingly competitive charter market.

Connectivity improves the passenger experience, which improves your bottom line with repeat passengers, higher rates and the ability to set yourself apart from the competition. A proven, high-performance network means your passengers stay seamlessly connected and happy.

corporate passengers connecting to wifi on a private jet

Management and Brokers

85% of organizations see in-flight Wi-Fi as mandatory or nice to have when purchasing an aircraft. When it comes to aircraft sales and management, can you afford not to have it?

For many light jet and turboprop owners, inflight Wi-Fi has moved from a “nice to have” to a “must have.” In fact, aircraft brokers have had sales fall through because of faulty, insufficient or lacking cabin technology. As you can see, Wi-Fi translates to more flight time, higher passenger counts and ultimately a better resale value.

Your aircraft is there for you 24/7. Our support is too.

Our job is to ensure that your connectivity is always on, so you can be too. No matter why, where, or when you need us, we’re here to help. You can rely on Gogo for world-class 24/7 global support, same-day AOG response, a state-of-the-art secure Network Operations Center, plus self-service account management tools like myGogoair.com.