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Let us help you find the right inflight connectivity

Gogo can equip almost any business aircraft with inflight connectivity – from a Cessna to a Boeing – but we know not all solutions fit all plane types. We deliver a diverse product portfolio to serve the business aviation market, and offer a global network of dealers certified to install our equipment and provide flexible service plans to keep you connected for years to come.

Let our connectivity experts help you find the solution that works for you.

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The Gogo Business Aviation sales team can recommend the right system solution for all your inflight connectivity needs. We have dedicated specialists in aftermarket, government, OEM, light jet, and transport sales.

Find a Dealer

Gogo Business Aviation dealers are trained and certified technical experts, that consistently demonstrate their commitment to helping customers get the most out of inflight connectivity.

What hardware is right for your aircraft?

Use our System Selector

Answer just 8 simple questions and this System Selector wizard will recommend the right hardware for your aircraft and inflight connectivity needs.

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The 4 steps that lead to the right connectivity solution

Inflight Wi-Fi, connectivity, and entertainment is a sea of choices. But generally speaking, connecting your aircraft with the right solution comes down to these 4 key steps.

Identify the appropriate equipment

Your unique aircraft type, device count, and mission type will help you determine the right mix of inflight connectivity and entertainment solutions.

Determine desired service plans

Service plans are flexible according to customers’ usage and need for month-to-month predictability.

Find a Dealer

Certified, reliable Gogo Business Aviation dealers are available worldwide to support your product and installation needs.

Schedule installation

We recommend installing your equipment at your next maintenance event for greater efficiency and installation cost control.