Inflight phone

Inflight phone solutions for a modern, mobile world

Virtually every business traveler uses their mobile phone to stay connected while on the go. With Gogo, you can let them keep their voice and text conversations going in the air.

Global phone service. One partner.

Customers choose Gogo because we’re the only inflight connectivity partner to bundle networks and services for greater savings, with a single contact for customer support. In addition to our proprietary networks; Gogo Biz 3G, Gogo Biz 4G, Gogo Ku and Gogo 2Ku, we offer inflight voice services from Iridium, SwiftBroadband, and Classic Aero networks.

Use your own phone, in flight: Gogo Text & Talk

There is no easier way to stay in touch, than by using your own smartphone, with your own number, during flight. Gogo Text & Talk is an exclusive add-on for Gogo Biz® that lets you use your personal smart phone to call and text in the air just like you do on the ground. 

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“We are proud to be the first private aviation company to offer Gogo’s Text & Talk service fleet-wide. The cutting-edge technology makes sense for members who want to stay connected while flying. ”

Kenny Dichter

Wheels Up

Voice and text for pilots

Voice and text capability as a benefit for pilots? It’s true. Hear from Chief Pilot Joey Meier how having Gogo in the cockpit makes a professional and personal difference during flight.