a VVIP aircraft with inflight WiFi a VVIP aircraft with inflight WiFi

Global VVIP connectivity

World class satellite internet for worldwide travel

VVIP aircraft are some of the most impressive airplanes in the skies today. All of the amenities of home and office are available to executive, global travelers. Now you can complete the experience and connect your aircraft above to your world below via today’s most advanced inflight Internet service: Gogo 2Ku.

Global connectivity made easy

Your private jet connects you to the world, allowing you to be where you want, when you want. Imagine, then, connecting your jet to the digital world, allowing you to do what you want, and what you need, when you fly. See how Gogo makes inflight Wi-Fi powerful and easy, so you can make it yours.

Elite Wi-Fi experience for elite aircraft

Gogo 2Ku is the present, and the future, of satellite-based inflight connectivity. It delivers elite-speed Internet for an elite class of aircraft. Imagine getting all of your work done, so you land farther ahead than when you left. Experience the thrill of watching live sports, while the clouds roll by. Stay in touch with friends and family via text, chat and phone. Relax to your favorite music apps. It’s life in the sky, the way you always hoped it would be.

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Gogo 2Ku: 4 key things to know about the experience

If you can dream it, you can do it with 2Ku

Performance and future-proofing

Performance with peak antenna speeds of 70 Mbps. And when our future, next-generation satellites come online, 2Ku will have the capacity to deliver 200 Mpbs.


Stream your favorite video and audio applications and services, on any device you want, anywhere you fly.

Work. Life. Play. Inflight.

Inflight Wi-Fi is the ultimate luxurious necessity for modern travelers. With Gogo 2Ku, you can do anything digital: surf, chat, shop, plan, email, download, research, post, watch, listen, and more.

Global coverage

Leveraging the Gogo Ku network, Gogo 2Ku delivers 100% global coverage and reliability, including in equatorial regions: a historically problematic area with other satellite networks.

Gogo Ku: Limitless experience. Zero compromise.

Gogo Ku is the next leap in our connectivity innovation and the network that powers the Gogo 2Ku experience for VVIP aircraft. Gogo Ku provides worldwide aviators an uncompromising, unparalleled blend of network performance, coverage, reliability, capacity and growth.

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VVIP customer service. Our only mission is to support yours.

Gogo Business Aviation takes great pride in our award-winning customer service and support: as evidenced by our #1 AIN Magazine customer survey ranking - six years in a row. Couple in our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center team, and you can rest assured that your service is supported by a world-class organization.

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