Inflight internet

Because of COVID-19, business operators and passengers have realized that their aircraft needs to be much more than a transportation tool. Now, it needs to be needs to be an office, a conference room, and even a home theater. Whether you fly a turboprop or a turbine, discover how Gogo inflight internet will completely transform what you can do with your aircraft.

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Executives work, live and play in a wireless world. With Gogo, being in their cabin will feel as familiar as being on the ground. Because it's not really about technology, it's about what people can do with it and how it improves the value of your business travel experience.

  • Streaming video and audio
  • Web sites and services
  • Live conferencing
  • VOIP calls and text messaging
  • Email with attachments
  • Secure VPN access

  • Stay in touch with family and friends
  • Follow your sports
  • See breaking news
  • Manage your stocks

  • Unwind with digital entertainment
  • Turn up your music apps
  • Play your favorite games
  • Manage your social feeds

more info Big news: AVANCE Wi-Fi now works at 3,000ft

Gogo is proud to announce that inflight internet service for AVANCE customers now starts at 3,000ft AGL instead of the previous 10,000ft. You'll have more connectivity time to get more done during flight time.

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Want to verify the value of inflight Internet? Watch corporate jet owner Rick Lindsey’s Wi-Fi story, then open the infographic to see how Wi-Fi dominates executive travelers’ wish lists.

passengers using inflight internet on a business jet

Gogo AVANCE L5 & 4G Internet

Dream of streaming and truly unleashing your devices? Discover the brilliant AVANCE L5 platform and the Gogo Biz® 4G network. Fast internet. Fully-integrated software. Built for the future.

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Gogo AVANCE L3 Wi-Fi

Productivity meets affordability. Connect your aircraft to both Wi-Fi and value with the AVANCE L3 platform-based connectivity solution. Suitable for all, but ideal for light jets and even turboprops.

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