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Inflight internet and Wi-Fi

Gogo makes the internet fly, for you

Leaving the ground shouldn’t mean leaving everything behind. That simple, powerful idea is the reason Gogo invented inflight internet, and it’s the reason we continue to pioneer new experiences that keep passengers, pilots and planes connected worldwide. Let the leader show you how to make your aircraft smarter, more productive, entertaining and efficient.

Inflight connectivity eBook: A guide to conducting business at altitude

Download our ebook to learn how Gogo has pioneered bringing broadband connectivity to the skies. And, as your partner, we’ll show you how your priorities and preferences can influence finding the right Wi-Fi system and services for your business aviation needs.

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Any device. Any demand. Anywhere.

From streaming video and live conferencing, to email, VPN, text, music, news and sports, there’s no limit to what passengers can do in the air when you have Gogo inflight Wi-Fi and entertainment on board. And we can deliver on that promise no matter what, or where, you fly.

Infographic: Is inflight Wi-Fi worth it?

We surveyed more than 350 business aviation professionals to find out who they are, if they're flying connected, and if they think Wi-Fi is worth it.

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