Modernize your aircraft for a mobile world

Virtually every business traveler today uses mobile devices and technology to stay on top of their work, life and play. Gogo Business Aviation solutions let you connect your aircraft to the modern, mobile world: giving everyone on board the power and freedom to use flight time to accomplish whatever they want: be it emptying your inbox, catching up on stocks and news, joining a video conference, texting with family, or watching the last episode before anyone else does.

It’s flying smarter. And it’s the experience you can create with Gogo – no matter what, or where, you fly. 

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Light Jet / Turbo Prop

Life goes on between takeoff and landing – even during short flights. Affordable inflight Wi-Fi keeps you seamlessly connected so you never miss a moment.

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Mid / Heavy Jet

Longer missions and executive travelers demand a fully-connected inflight experience. Our high-performance Internet and entertainment solutions let you give them what they want.

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Inflight Wi-Fi is the ultimate luxurious necessity for VVIP travelers. Enable your passengers to do anything digital: stream, chat, shop, plan, email, download, research, post, watch, listen, and more.

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Stories from the real skies: Customers talk about the value and experience of Gogo on board

See, in their own words, why some of the world’s finest business aviators decided that Gogo is the clear choice for adding connectivity and entertainment to their fleets and aircraft. 

Customer experiences

Choose your network wisely: performance and reliability matters

North America

Proven. High-performance. Cost-effective. Find out why Gogo Biz 4G (with Next Gen 100 Mpbs on the way) is the gold standard North American ATG broadband network.



For global and international missions, satellite connectivity is how you take your world with you when you fly. Learn more about Gogo’s trusted networks, including Gogo 2Ku.


Join the family. Connect with confidence.

Our customers trust us. But more than that, they believe in our mission – just as we believe in theirs. This relationship is built on a mutual love of aviation, and a shared desire to transform and advance aviation via innovative, airborne telecom and high technology. This convergence has been our driving vision for the past 25 years. And that’s why we tell every customer who joins our family that they can count on us to ensure they connect with confidence.