It's time to fly smarter

Connecting passengers, pilots and planes. Nobody does it better than Gogo Business Aviation.

Passengers catching up on email, streaming a comedy, leading a video conference, texting with family, then relaxing to their favorite classical station. Pilots accessing more accurate data and faster communications. Planes tapping into the operational advantages of aviation IoT. This is the power of smart airplanes, creating connections. And this is how we help you fly smarter.

Take your world with you: internet, entertainment and phone

From single, light aircraft, to global flight departments and VVIP, we offer the world's most powerful and reliable inflight connectivity and entertainment experience, for the world's most important missions — yours.

Inflight internet

Productive, satisfied passengers. Better informed pilots. Efficient, connected, IoT airplanes. The future of inflight internet is flying smarter, and it's here today.

Inflight entertainment

Movies, TV, maps, news and more: give passengers an on-demand inflight entertainment experience worthy of applause. Bonus: it’s a competitive differentiator.

Inflight phone

Phones are still the most dominant way modern professionals connect to their world. Inflight phone and voice services let you stay in touch to the people that matter most.

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“Gogo Biz has impacted our business very positively. It's become a must-have amenity and we're excited to add it to our light jets and have it available on our entire fleet.”

Scott Wise

Travel Management Company

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How do you add connectivity to your aircraft? Let us help.

Understanding your options for inflight connectivity and entertainment can be overwhelming at start – from choosing equipment types, to service plans, to managing expenses, and more. At Gogo, we offer you a complete package of leading-edge technologies and services on a proven infrastructure that you can trust.

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Conducting business at altitude: Your experience. Our expertise.

Download this ebook to get a clear and comprehensive look at how airborne broadband works, plus how your priorities and preferences can influence finding the right Wi-Fi system and services for your business aviation needs. This is insight that draws on Gogo's 25 years of broadband connectivity expertise.

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