In today’s hyper-connected world, so much can happen when you’re in flight. Emails pile up, phone calls and texts get missed, and work and life have to wait. Gogo can help you fly smarter.

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The solutions you need in the air for everything you need to get done.

With innovative products and a commitment to our customers, we put the business in business aviation. It’s voice and text; wireless Internet, email and entertainment; even cockpit data. It’s rock steady connectivity performance. It’s the innovation and service of our Gogo Business Aviation team. And for business travelers, it’s the freedom to stay in touch, in flight—on any aircraft, anywhere in the world.

The top three airborne networks. All available from only one company

Gogo Biz

Gogo Biz is an advanced wireless cell network for aviation. It’s the domestic business traveler’s choice for full mobile broadband Internet and email, and for crystal-clear voice.

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SwiftBroadband is the smallest, lightest Inmarsat system. It delivers, affordable, global in-flight connectivity that lets you be just as productive as if you never left the ground.

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Iridium is the world standard for in flight voice and narrowband data It’s reliable at all altitudes and latitudes – even in polar regions making it perfect for voice, fax, cockpit data and more.

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Gogo Business Aviation

A history of delivering the future of business in-flight.

With the same people, passion and culture of innovation, Gogo Business Aviation is building on the bold vision of Aircell: giving business aviators the connectivity and entertainment they need to be productive, efficient and happy – no matter where or what they fly. We firmly believe the sky is no longer the limit to what you can do in flight. And we’re just getting started.

Today’s menu of in-flight capabilities is nothing short of remarkable. From using your own phone to in-flight Internet, e-mail, voice, texting, movies, TV episodes, news, weather, cockpit data and more – it’s all here. And it’s all from one name: Gogo Business Aviation.


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