a midsized aircraft equipped with inflight wifi a midsized aircraft equipped with inflight wifi

Mid and heavy aircraft connectivity

Life goes on between takeoff and landing.
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In today’s digital world, inflight connectivity isn’t a luxury for business passengers and pilots - it’s a necessity, particulary on longer flights. Let us show you how to powerfully, reliably and seamlessly connect everyone on board to their work, life and play, everywhere you fly. 

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Gogo Biz 4G has arrived

Discover what Brad Townsend, Director of Maintenance for the flight department of a mid-Atlantic Fortune 50 company, says about his experience using Gogo Biz 4G in flight.

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Charter and fleet operators

Wi-Fi matters: to both your passengers and your bottom line. Stay competitive and realize new revenue opportunities with inflight connectivity and entertainment. Let us show you how Wi-Fi improves your bottom line with repeat passengers, higher rates and the ability to set yourself apart from the competition. 

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Brokers and schedulers

Wi-Fi has become a must for business travelers, and many executives won’t get on a disconnected airplane. Give your valued customers the experience they want by choosing aircraft with Gogo on board. It’s an amenity, that is now considered a necessity.

two colleagues using inflight wifi to discuss business plans

Corporate flight departments

Your passengers and crew need connectivity to keep pace. Gogo’s proven innovation and 24/7 support help you anticipate and exceed their expectations, and you’ve got a partner you can count on now and in the future.

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Gogo Vision Gogo Vision

Turn flight time into show time

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are great... but they use a lot of data, potentially resulting in high service costs. Gogo Vision’s TV, movies and more give passengers incredible entertainment while keeping costs in line.

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Connect with confidence

Our customers trust us. But more than that, they believe in our mission – just as we believe in theirs. This relationship is built on a mutual love of aviation, and a shared desire to connect the skies and enable everyone, on every flight, to use technology to its full potential. This has been our driving vision for the past 25 years, and it's why you can count on us to help you connect with confidence.

Conducting business at altitude: Your experience. Our expertise.

Download this ebook to get a clear and comprehensive look at how airborne broadband works, plus how your priorities and preferences can influence finding the right Wi-Fi system and services for your business aviation needs. This is insight that draws on Gogo's 25 years of broadband connectivity expertise.

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