Customer support application providing real-time insight into Gogo inflight connectivity service

Gogo DASHboard enables flight departments to stand in the aircraft cabin  and quickly check the system status and network availability for any Gogo-equipped aircraft whether on the ground or in the air.

The free iPhone and iPad application provides visibility into the inflight connectivity system performance that gives flight crews peace of mind and grounds crews real-time data.

24/7/365 support that starts in your hand

Gogo DASH gives you a comprehensive view of your Gogo inflight connectivity products and their status—from system setup to ATG and satellite network availability. Comprehensive documentation, user guides, FAQs and coverage maps are easily accessible.

If a problem arises, DASH makes troubleshooting easier by putting system status and details front and center. And if that’s not enough, there’s an easy escalation path to our customer support teams. Just click on the contact in the support section for ways to contact our team of technical support representatives. And, yes, they’re available 24/7.

Gogo DASH offers all the connectivity details you need

With Gogo DASH, ground and flight crews can view and explore:

  • Network availability and monitoring for ATG, satellite and terrestrial modem access
  • System health status (hardware and software)
  • Troubleshooting with ping, traceroute and send log feature
  • Availability of Gogo Text & Talk and Gogo Vision, as well as the latest Gogo Vision catalog
  • Robust product documentation, including user guides and FAQs
  • Coverage maps and Gogo Cloud locations
  • Direct access to Gogo technical support

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