Frequently Asked Support Questions

How can I view the system status and services currently available on my inflight connectivity system(s)?

Use the Gogo DASH mobile app to quickly check the system status and network availability for any Gogo-equipped aircraft. The Gogo DASH app is currently available for Apple iPhone & iPad users. If you don’t have access to Gogo DASH, refer to your system installation manual for more information on how to view system details.

How do I view the software version currently running on my system(s)?

You can access and view the software version running on your connected systems using the Gogo DASH mobile app. The Gogo DASH app is currently available for Android, iPhone and iPad users. If you don’t have access to Gogo DASH, refer to your system installation manual for more information on how to view system details.

How do I obtain the latest software version upgrade?

Call Customer Support at +1.303.301.3278 (use Option 1).

To update my system software, can I do it myself or do I need to contact a Gogo-certified dealer?

We strongly recommend that you contact your Gogo-authorized dealer to schedule your upgrade. Our dealers are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to implementing ATG upgrades, providing an experience that can save you time and money.

If you have in-house expertise and prefer to manage the upgrade yourself, please contact Gogo Customer Support.

How do I view the current data usage on an aircraft?

You can access the latest data usage for an aircraft by viewing your e-bill within Gogo DASH. From the e-bill interface, click to view your bill under Quick Links. You can view usage for all activated Gogo connectivity systems by tail number.

Need access to DASH? Please contact Gogo Customer Support.

How do I change or upgrade my service plan or subscriptions?

Call Customer Support at +1.303.301.3278 (select Option 1).

How do I order the latest version of Rockwell Collins’ Moving Maps?

Contact Rockwell Collins at or +1.714.929.3696.

How do I connect to the inflight Wi-Fi network?

You can get online in three easy steps:

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your mobile device. You must be at 10,000 ft above ground level (or higher) to access the Wi-Fi network.
  2. Look for the Gogo network signal, and click to connect. No passwords or user names should be required, unless configured by your organization.
  3. Enjoy all the benefits of inflight broadband internet.

How can I improve or maximize the in-cabin Wi-Fi performance during flight?

To optimize Wi-Fi performance when in flight, consider some tips for best use when connecting your device:

  • Limit the number of devices that are active at any given time.
  • Suspend cloud services (iCloud, Google Drive, etc.).
  • Be aware of what data types you’re consuming.
  • Understand your options for streaming or viewing video.

How do I install and use Gogo Text & Talk?

View the Gogo Text & Talk User Guide for more information on how to access and use your own smartphone when in flight. This guide shows you how to install and use the app, plus provides some important information on what you need to do before you leave the ground.

Where can I find more information on using the Gogo Vision inflight entertainment system?

For basic information on using Gogo Vision, see the Gogo Vision User Guide. To customize the Gogo Vision landing page, see Customizing Your Gogo Vision User Interface.

Where can I access the latest product documentation available?

You can access the latest product documentation here. For technical documentation for installation or system upgrades, call Customer Support at +1.303.301.3278 (use Option 1).

What details do I need to provide to technical support when I have an issue?

If you experience an issue with your system and need to contact technical support, have the following details available:

  • Aircraft tail number
  • Approximate location (in flight) when the issue occurred
  • Approximate time/date when issue occurred
  • Brief description of the issue
  • What were you trying to do when issue occurred?
  • Your contact information (name, phone number, & email)