Aircell SwiftBroadband Solution Certified Aboard Bombardier Challengers in Europe

BROOMFIELD, CO – October 8, 2010 – Aircell, the world’s leading provider of inflight connectivity, today announced that its AVIATOR 300-based SwiftBroadband solution has received a Supplemental Type Certification (STC) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for Bombardier Challenger business aircraft.

Christopher Whiteside is President of A J Walter Aviation, the UK-based owner of the Challenger 604 used as the certification platform. “We waited a long time to select an Internet system for our aircraft – airborne communications are notoriously confusing and we wanted to make the right decision,” commented Mr. Whiteside. “Aircell’s SwiftBroadband system has transformed the way we conduct business in flight. We can now use our BlackBerrys, laptops and iPads anywhere in the cabin over the Wi-Fi link. It maximizes my time en route because I can receive and send e-mail and stay in contact.

“The system couldn’t be simpler to use. When I enter the aircraft, my phone automatically connects to the aircraft’s ‘hotspot’ and that’s it. The installation and certification process went very smoothly and aircraft downtime was just two weeks. Compared to earlier technologies, our SwiftBroadband system is faster, easier and all together less expensive. It has completely changed the travel experience and I couldn’t work effectively without it,” concluded Mr. Whiteside.

Completed by Avionicare Ltd of Essex, UK, the new EASA STC covers Aircell’s AVIATOR 300-based SwiftBroadband equipment package, including Wi-Fi service and a fuselage-mounted Intermediate-Gain Antenna (IGA). The STC is valid for all Bombardier Challenger models, including the CL-600, CL-601, CL-604 and CL-605. Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solutions are powered by Thrane & Thrane.

John Wade, Aircell’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, said, “Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solution is a perfect fit for operators that require affordable, global connectivity services. We’re pleased to see it being adopted by Challenger operators in the European community.”

The SwiftBroadband certification package is now being offered to other installation facilities for a nominal fee, reducing the time and expense required for follow-on installations. “For operators looking to increase the productivity of their Challenger by adding e-mail and light Internet services, this new STC reduces their required investment significantly,” said Peter Harland, Managing Director of Avionicare, Ltd.

For more information about Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solutions or the new Challenger STC, operators and dealers should contact Jean-Luc Rosenfeld, Aircell’s European Sales Manager, at +41 (32) 841 2838 or .

Through a comprehensive product portfolio, Aircell offers one of the industry’s largest selections of network services – including Iridium Satellite, Inmarsat SwiftBroadband and Gogo Biz™ Inflight Internet. These services span multiple technologies, including air-to-ground, low-earth orbit satellite and geostationary satellite. All Aircell products are available through the Company’s worldwide dealer and distributor network.

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