A Cessna Citation XLS+ in flight A Cessna Citation XLS+ in flight

Inflight Wi-Fi for Citation Aircraft

See why Citation owner Marc Dulude "can't live without" Wi-Fi

Marc Dulude went from connectivity doubter to inflight Wi-Fi addict. See how Marc flies smarter by using Gogo connectivity to utilize his pilot flight apps for better situational awareness.

Gogo AVANCE L3 is the best internet solution for your Citation

Gogo AVANCE™ L3 is the fastest and most reliable air-to-ground solution for light jets and turboprops. Never before has this much connectivity been offered at this level of affordability. With three system configurations to choose from you’ll be sure to have the inflight experience you desire while also keeping in your budget.

Complete AVANCE L3 info, delivered right to your inbox

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Perks of being a CJP member

Only CJP members can access hourly rate pricing for the Gogo ATG 5000, providing the same great experience as an ATG 2000. For $99 an hour, you’ll stay connected to work, life and play with inflight Wi-Fi but will only pay for what you use. To get started, contact connect@gogoair.com.

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