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Media Coverage

Business Aviation Magazine: "Strategic Sale Opens Opportunities"

Sergio Aguirre, president, Gogo Business Aviation, talks to BAM editor Anthony Harrington about the company’s sale of its commercial airlines division to Intelsat and its experience through the pandemic.

Aviation International News (AIN): “Lower-cost Connectivity Options Expanding”

New satellite and air-to-ground (ATG) networks and coming improvements to first-generation connectivity systems are bringing lower cost, higher speed, and more compact Wi-Fi access to a growing number of aircraft, now extending from executive airliners to smaller general aviation aircraft. Here are some of the major developments to look for in 2021.

Aviation International News (AIN): “The need for inflight connectivity is more important than ever before”

At NBAA-VBACE 2020, Gogo hosted a panel discussion with some of its leaders, who discussed the myriad ways in which business aviation has transformed as it deals with, and recovers from, the impact of COVID-19.

Avionics News Magazine: “Gogo notes altered use patterns amid pandemic”

Leaders from Gogo Business Aviation offer a different perspective about COVID-19 and its impact on business aviation the growing use of in-flight connectivity during a “Thought Leadership” session on opening day of the NBAA-VBACE show.

Business Air News: “Gogo and Duncan broaden scope of AVANCE partnership”

The engineering and certification services team at Duncan updated three existing STCs for the Gogo Avance L5 Wi-Fi system so customers will be able to use those STCs to install the AVANCE L3 Wi-Fi system or a standalone AVANCE SCS on the following aircraft: Gulfstream GIV and GIV-X; Bombardier Challenger 300 and 350; Bombardier Challenger CL-650, CL-605, CL-604, CL-601-3A and CL-601-3R.