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Gogo Biz Next Gen Network

Gogo Biz Next Gen will bring performance up to 10X that of 4G

Development is under way for the next generation ground-based technology to better serve the connectivity needs of business and commercial aviation in North America.

The Next Generation network will utilize LTE technology and leverage our existing network and infrastructure of more than 250 towers in the United States and Canada to offer reliable performance for business aviation aircraft, commercial regional jets and select narrow-body aircraft operating in North America. The technology is expected to produce peak network speeds 10X that of today's Gogo Biz® 4G.

10 Fast-Facts about Gogo’s next-generation North American network

Significant performance boost

Gogo’s next-generation North American network represents a significant performance boost: capable of delivering peak-speeds 10X that of today's Gogo Biz 4G performance.

Best of breed service

This next gen technology brings best-of-breed service to the business and commercial aviation markets with comprehensive coverage across the United States, plus portions of Canada.

Redundancy and reliability matters

Through backward compatibility with Gogo’s existing network, customers can connect with confidence, knowing their aircraft will automatically and seamlessly connect to the fastest service available – 3G/4G/NEXT GEN – for the ultimate in reliability.

Gogo AVANCE compatible

Once deployed, customers wanting to access this next-generation network will need Gogo Biz AVANCE, a module, a new modem and new antenna.

Mid/heavy aircraft

This new technology is ideally suited to mid-size and heavy business aviation aircraft.

Latest in tech

The network will use LTE technology, a proprietary modem and a new beam-forming antenna.

The foundation is already there

With more than 250 cell sites and a fiber-backhaul network already in place, the infrastructure is here today.

Fast deployment

Gogo’s next-generation network will be economical, faster, and more efficient to deploy.

Affordable and light wieght

It will offer lower equipment costs and equipment weight.

We're always innovating

This is just one more example of Gogo’s history of, and commitment to, investing in R&D and delivering innovative, sustainable IFC technologies – whether they are satellite or ground-based.