a Gogo 2Ku-enabled aircraft a Gogo 2Ku-enabled aircraft

Gogo 2Ku

An elite inflight experience for VVIP aircraft

High-speed inflight Wi-Fi is the ultimate luxurious necessity for modern travelers in a digital world. With Gogo® 2Ku, whatever you do at home and the office, you can now do in your cabin. Get work done so you land farther ahead than when you left. Watch live sports and catch all the action. Stay in touch with friends and family via text, chat and phone. Listen to your favorite music apps. It’s the smart way to take your world with you when you fly.

World-class Wi-Fi speed. Worldwide service and support.

Gogo 2Ku is a breakthrough connectivity solution that provides elite Wi-Fi speed: enabling private aviation passengers and crew, for the first time, to experience inflight Internet comparable to their home and office. But it’s not all about elite speed. Gogo Business Aviation takes great pride in our award-winning VVIP customer service and support teams.

Gogo 2KuExperience
  • Superior performance with peak antenna speeds of 70 Mbps
  • Capacity to deliver 200 Mpbs when future, next-generation satellites come online
  • Streaming video/audio
  • Movies/Live TV
  • Video conferencing
  • Email
  • Web
  • Laptop/tablet/smartphone use
RightIconAltTagService & Support
  • Global network coverage
  • #1 Customer Support ranking in AIN Magazine - six years in a row
  • State-of-the-art Network Operations Center team
  • Worldwide, world-class customer service and technical support

Gogo 2Ku: 4 key things to know about the experience

If you can dream it, you can do it with 2Ku

Performance and future-proofing

Performance with peak antenna speeds of 70 Mbps. And when our future, next-generation satellites come online, 2Ku will have the capacity to deliver 200 Mpbs.


Stream your favorite video and audio applications and services, on any device you want, anywhere you fly.

Work. Life. Play. In flight.

Inflight Wi-Fi is the ultimate luxurious necessity for modern travelers. With Gogo 2Ku, you can do anything digital: surf, chat, shop, plan, email, download, research, post, watch, listen, and more.

Global coverage

100% global coverage and reliability, including in equatorial regions: a historically problematic area with other satellite networks.

High performance. Global coverage.

Gogo 2Ku serves many of the largest commercial airlines worldwide. And is is also available for VVIP business aircraft worldwide. Unlike other providers who rely on only a handful of satellites, the Gogo network relies on the Ku ecosystem of 100+ satellites, delivering reliable, redundant coverage around the globe.

Gogo 2Ku coverage map
Gogo 2Ku antenna

2Ku technology: the future is here today

For more than 20 years, Gogo has managed a mobile network to bring inflight connectivity to the sky for busi­ness and commercial aviation. Now, we’re proud to offer the next leap in our technology evolution, Gogo 2Ku. Featuring a unique dual phased-array antenna and our proprietary modem, 2Ku provides superior performance – enabling new experiences for passengers and crew. With an open architecture that can leverage today’s Ku satellites as well as high-throughput satellites (HTS) and low earth orbit (LEO) satellites slated for launch in the near future, 2Ku is the best solution to deliver the reliable, redundant global coverage to VVIP aircraft today and well into the future.