a woman connecting to wifi via the Gogo SCS Elite router a woman connecting to wifi via the Gogo SCS Elite router

SCS Elite

Advanced router, integrated cabin management, inflight entertainment

SCS Elite is a robust system with an advanced router that will simplify and improve your cabin experience. It integrates your cabin technologies and handles dynamic multi-bearer data and voice management. It simplifies the user experience with a one-touch cabin management system.

SCS makes your job easier. You make the passenger experience better

For aircraft owners, operators and flight departments, SCS Elite is truly the king of the cabin that lets you create a productive, consistent and reliable passenger experience no matter what, or where, you fly. We purpose built SCS Elite to make your job easier: accomplishing what no other single router, CMS, or other solution on the market can offer.

Give passengers a great experience. Take total control of it.

Inflight connectivity

Connectivity control

SCS simplifies and improves cabin connectivity with dynamic data/voice network management, an 802.11ac router, a terrestrial modem for ground connectivity in 120+ countries, and more.

Inflight Entertainment

Entertainment, information and apps

SCS comes standard with a fully-integrated inflight entertainment and information service. Wow passengers with blockbuster movies, TV shows, flight maps, magazines, news and destination weather.

Aircraft cabin

Smart Cabin customization

Make it easier for users to access all cabin services via a single, customizable, intuitive SCS interface. Bonus feature: operators can brand the experience.

Customer support

Real-time, proactive support and tools

SCS connects you to customer support the way you’ve always wanted it: featuring proactive monitoring, predictive/remote maintenance, improved cybersecurity, plus dashboard tools that give crew and operators greater visibility into your aircraft’s systems and status. 

Gogo Vision Gogo Vision

Gogo Vision comes standard with SCS Elite

Available worldwide, Gogo Vision is the ultimate wireless, on-demand inflight entertainment and information service. Blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, news, magazines, flight maps, weather and more - passengers can watch it all, without streaming costs.

Explore Gogo Vision

Total cabin control. Aviation grade.

SCS Elite is designed by aviation experts for aviation experts. That's why we obsess over perfomance and specifications. It's also why your solution is supported worldwide, 24/7/365 by our #1 ranked customer service teams.