Not all connectivity is created equal

While there are many connectivity providers, only Gogo creates fully-integrated technology that brings inflight broadband, and all of its benefits, to the complete spectrum of business aviation operators and passengers. It’s everything you need to create a world-class inflight experience, all from one partner who has earned the trust of aviators worldwide.

Gogo AVANCE platform

Gogo AVANCE is our revolutionary software-centric approach to connectivity solutions. Let us show you how this proprietary platform will improve your connectivity performance, while decreasing downtime, and opening up a world of possibilities for custom services and proactive support.



Gogo AVANCE L5 is the fully integrated, platform-based system that delivers the entire Gogo Biz 4G experience: network connectivity, smart cabin customization, proactive support, and more.



Gogo AVANCE L3 connects your aircraft to the affordable, proven Gogo Biz 3G network, integrates an advanced router, and gives you platform-powered flexibility and control.

Performance, reliability and quality matter

Whether it’s networks, equipment, services or support, we’re on a mission to provide you with technology solutions that not only wow, but also work beautifully.

Watch this Gogo AVANCE video to see how quality and reliability are purpose-built into everything we do.

North American broadband

The Gogo Biz network is our propietary North American Air-To-Ground (ATG) network and the gold standard for enabling everyone on board to stay connected to their work, life and play during flight - for almost any size aircraft.

Gogo Biz

Gogo Biz is the proven experience that delivers broadband internet and voice at an exceptional value. Turn on your devices and surf the Internet, stay on top of email with attachments, and access your VPN.

Gogo Biz 4G

Gogo Biz 4G is here. Step up to a higher-level of performance that enables inflight streaming and much more. Powered by the revolutionary Gogo AVANCE L5 platform-based system. 

Next Gen

We never stop innovating. Coming soon, Gogo Biz 4G customers will be able to upgrade their experience and access our next generation ATG network, with peak network speeds of more than 100 Mbps.

Global broadband

If your destinations are limitless, your inflight experiences should be too. Discover how Gogo's new global satellite-based connectivity network can let you take everything digital with you, now matter where you fly worldwide.

Gogo 2Ku

For VVIP operators, Gogo 2Ku is an exclusive, commercial-grade connectivity system that connects your passengers to elite internet speed for a world-class inflight experience featuring streaming, sports, news, TV, conferencing and more. Superior network coverage and redundancy means you're always on.

Discover Gogo 2Ku

Gogo Ku

Heavy aircraft can also tap into the uncompromising, unparalleled inflight experience of our Gogo global satellite network (Ku) with peak speeds up to 25 Mbps. Learn more about this new offering and the AVANCE platform solution that will make it possible.

Explore Ku


For aircraft that already have diverse connectivity, entertainment and CMS technologies, SCS Elite is a master integrator and 802.11ac advanced router that significantly simplifies and improves your cabin experience.


SCS Media is a small, affordable lightweight system that lets passengers enjoy an always fresh library of on-demand movies/TV, news clips, moving maps, magazines, and destination weather. A customizable interface lets you promote your brand in the cabin.

Gogo Vision Gogo Vision

Gogo Vision: your front row seat to amazing inflight entertainment

Available worldwide, Gogo Vision is the ultimate wireless, on-demand inflight entertainment and information service. Blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, news, magazines, flight maps, weather and more - passengers can watch it all, without streaming costs.

Explore Gogo Vision
Gogo Text & Talk

Gogo Text & Talk

Gogo Text & Talk is an exclusive, easy to use Wi-Fi-based service that lets you use your personal smartphone, and your own number, to call and text in the air.

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“Connectivity from the sky is not just about technology. You also need reliability, coast-to-coast coverage, and service and responsiveness from your provider. It’s not just a question of functionality, but also dependability, support, and relationships.”

Todd Duncan

Chairman, Duncan Aviation


Gogo Business Aviation maintains industry partnerships to offer our customers an array of inflight connectivity and voice services, with the additional benefit of working with a single service provider, one easy way to manage your bill, and around-the-clock award-winning customer support.

Gogo Iridium


Offering Iridium equipment and services for global voice, narrowband data, and data safety services.

Gogo SwiftBroadband


SwiftBroadband is Inmarsat’s global service, offering basic business applications and high-quality voice.

ATG Systems

Gogo’s legacy ATG systems (ATG 1000/2000/4000/5000) remain available for aircraft operators who want the most affordable, though limited, way to access Gogo Biz network performance.

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Gogo ATG systems