Inflight Wi-Fi means total control of passenger flight time

In today’s world, the demands of work and life can easily outpace you when you’re disconnected during flight. Reliable, high-performance inflight Wi-Fi, voice and entertainment solutions from Gogo gives you the control you need to do whatever you want - even when you’re 30,000 feet in the air.

Put more business in your business aviation

We make it easy for business aviation users to devote flight time to work-related tasks, meetings, conferences and discussions with other employees in person, via email, on the telephone or via inflight Wi-Fi. Your aircraft may give you comfort and convenience, but adding Gogo connectivity gives you reliable control of your time.

Be there. From all the way up here.

From securing dinner reservations with your favorite app to seeing a quick video of your kids’ activities, life on the ground keeps moving while you’re in the air. But you don’t have to miss a moment of it. With connectivity on board, including streaming audio and video, you truly can live up there just like you do down here.

Make flight time you time with inflight entertainment

What do you like to do with your personal time? Whether you’re a binge TV watcher, news addict, stock follower, or audiophile – Gogo inflight entertainment (IFE) lets you define downtime however you want. Let us show you what’s possible with movies, TV, maps and more.

Explore IFE solutions

Rockwell Collins Airshow offers 3D flight support

Gogo has partnered with Rockwell Collins to offer Airshow® Moving Map as part of its ATG service offering.  As the most advanced 3D moving map app in the market, Airshow offers passengers information-rich details on flight progress, geographic location, scheduled arrival time and more. 

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Gogo Biz 4G

For your higher-demand inflight Internet and voice needs, Gogo Biz 4G triples existing Gogo Biz data speed and allows business travelers to take their entire digital lifestyle with them. Includes Gogo Vision.

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Gogo 2Ku

Does your fleet also have VVIP or corporate shuttle aircraft? Discover the future of satellite Internet with Gogo 2Ku: an amazing experience that enables everything from live sports and TV to video conferencing.

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Gogo Vision

Available worldwide, Gogo Vision serves up 200 Hollywood blockbuster movies & hit TV shows on your aircraft with catalog updates every month.

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