Flexible, affordable inflight connectivity

Never before has this much connectivity been offered at this level of affordability. Gogo AVANCE L3 keeps passengers productive on the Gogo Biz inflight internet and voice service, but it also gives operators all the integration and control benefits of the software-centric AVANCE platform. It’s a complete, cost-effective and customizable solution ideal for light to mid-size aircraft.

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Flexible and scalable

Customers can select from three system configurations (Core/Plus/Max) to suit their unique needs and budget, and add/remove devices and capabilities as needed.

Proven productivity

Inflight internet enables email, VPN, browsing, personal smartphone text/calling, plus supports popular flight apps. (Streaming not supported.)

Entertainment included

Integrated Gogo Vision information services, including moving maps, news, weather and flight information. Gogo Vision entertainment services, available with monthly subscription.

Personal smartphone service

Integrated Gogo Text & Talk lets people use their own phone, with their own number, in flight.

802.11ac router

Powerful 802.11ac router functionality improves in-cabin Wi-Fi performance.

4G LTE Terrestrial modem

Provides free on-ground connectivity in 120+ countries.

Budget friendly

Flexible pricing plans available.

Smart support

AVANCE connects to remote monitoring and support, plus the DASH mobile app for system status information.

Customize your AVANCE L3 experience

With Gogo AVANCE L3, you can choose from three configurations based on your budget, desired internet capability and the number of devices you need to support. Best of all, you can change your configuration selection as your needs change - without swapping out your LRU.

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Turn flight time into fun time

Gogo AVANCE L3 fully integrates Gogo Vision into your cabin experience - giving passengers incredible entertainment such as movies, TV and flight maps, while keeping costs in line.

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Powered by the revolutionary Gogo AVANCE platform

Gogo AVANCE is our exclusive software platform that fully integrates connectivity control, entertainment and information services, smart cabin customization, and remote, proactive support into one highly-configurable, sustainable, and simply remarkable technology solution. All so you can personalize your cabin experience.

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