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Find downloadable product and service brochures for any Gogo Business Aviation product or service. They provide all the important information you’ll need to choose the perfect system for your aircraft from system and equipment overviews to technical specifications to voice and data rate options.


Gogo Business Aviation All-in-One Brochure

A world of airborne communications for your business aircraft.

From in-flight Internet to email, voice, texting, entertainment, cockpit data, and safety services, Gogo Business Aviation has a complete suite of solutions — for virtually any business aircraft, flying anywhere on Earth. We offer everything you need to ensure that everyone can stay in touch, in flight: from singular, standalone systems to integrated, multi-network solutions.

Gogo Biz

Gogo Biz 4G Brochure

Get ready for the new Gogo Biz 4G system that is available early 2017 – the breakthrough solution specifically designed to meet business aviation’s ever-increasing need for airborne broadband speed.

Gogo Biz 4G will transform your existing Gogo Biz performance and transform your in flight experience. It enables streaming video, streaming audio, blazing fast web surfing, VPN access, and email with just about any attachment you can think of. It also empowers personal smartphone use (Gogo Text & Talk) for calling and texting in the cabin and the cockpit. It even integrates our worldwide IFE service (Gogo Vision), so you can watch what you want, when you want.

Gogo Biz Brochure

Gogo Biz is a major advance in broadband technology. It’s the only aviation system that gives you Internet and voice with equipment small and light enough for virtually any aircraft.

You can surf the Internet, send and receive email with attachments, and log into your corporate VPN using your own personal laptop, smartphone or tablet. Performing at the fastest, most affordable airborne data speeds, Gogo Biz allows you to use your Wi-Fi connected devices to do in the air virtually everything you do on the ground.

ATG 5000 Brochure

The ATG 5000 gives you the complete performance of Gogo Biz. It’s seamless in-flight Internet and advanced features like multi-network management. Add on Gogo Text & Talk and make voice calls using your own smartphone. For a truly modern way to communicate in flight, include a wired or wireless Gogo OnePhone cabin handset.

With the ATG 5000, you can enjoy seamless coverage aboard any aircraft across the Continental U.S. and portions of Alaska and Canada. You can make it your stand-alone choice or add it to any existing manufacturer’s voice solution. It’s the next phase of aviation communication, and it’s available today.

ATG 4000 Brochure

If you already have Axxess for voice installed in your aircraft, adding Gogo Biz Inter­net is as easy as adding the ATG 4000. It gives you seamless, mobile broadband coverage across the Continental U.S. and portions of Alaska and Canada.

With the ATG 4000, you’ll be able to surf the web, send and receive emails, download files or log in to your corporate VPN — all as easily as if you were at a hotel or your neighborhood coffee shop. You can also use it to upgrade to your existing voice service and enjoy airborne calls that rival the quality of any on the ground.

ATG 2000 Brochure

The ATG 2000 effectively and affordably provides a rich, fully-connected Internet and voice experience for up to five Wi-Fi connected devices (expanding from three to five devices in Fall 2014). This makes the ATG 2000 ideal for aircraft with lighter passenger loads.

It delivers powerful broadband Internet and voice that lets you surf the Internet while you talk on the phone. You also can send and receive emails with attachments, and even log into your corporate VPN using your own laptop, tablet or smartphone. With the ATG 2000, you’ll get seamless coverage aboard any aircraft across the Continental U.S. and portions of Alaska and Canada.

ATG 1000 brochure

The ATG 1000 is basic connectivity that’s anything but basic. For business passengers who want to stay ahead during flight, the ATG 1000 lets you crank through emails, plus use your own smartphone, with your own number, to make calls and send texts. And, coming soon, it will empower pilots by delivering connectivity to select cockpit and operational apps.


SwiftBroadband Brochure

SwiftBroadband is Inmarsat’s latest generation of Satcom for near-global access of light Internet, email and Corporate VPN access, and voice. Faster, lighter and more affordable than previous global technology, it makes in-flight connectivity a reality for virtually any business aircraft.

Jet ConneX Brochure

Jet ConneX is a superior satellite-based connectivity experience for business jet travelers – allowing you to do everything you do in your office and home, when you’re in the air.

Aviator 200 Brochure

The Aviator 200 is small in size but big on power. It makes SwiftBroadband service practical and affordable. Use your laptop, tablet or smartphone to secure­ly log on to your corporate network, transfer data and send/receive email.

With data speeds several times faster than dial-up, the Aviator 200 lets business flyers do everything they do on the ground as they’re cruising miles above it, even if that means simply placing calls.

Aviator 300/350 Brochure

One compact, airborne broadband solution lets you to stay in touch no matter where you travel. It’s the Aviator 300/350 with two antenna options that allow you to choose the performance level that best meets your needs.

Near-global service coverage gives you an effective, all-in-one voice and data solution for medium and large business aircraft. Designed to be affordable and light, the Aviator 300/350 is the ideal system for multi-user, global service aboard almost any turbine aircraft.


Iridium® Brochure

Popular and proven, the Iridium is the standard for global voice services in flight. This best of breed network is also perfect for narrowband data applications like fax, cockpit data, safety services and more.

Iridium taps into low Earth orbit satellites for reliable global coverage in the air and on the ground at all altitudes and latitudes — even over polar regions.

ST 4300 Brochure

Flexible, affordable, compact and scalable, the ST 4300 combines global voice and data functionalities into a single box to reduce weight and box count. It takes everything Iridium can do and lets you configure cabin and flight deck connectivity based on your own needs and budget.

Install it as a standalone system. Integrate it with Gogo Biz or SwiftBroadband systems for broadband Internet capabilities. Significantly improve call clarity with the Gogo OnePhone. The ST 4300 is a modern platform designed for Iridium service now and in the future.

Axxess Brochure

Think of Axxess as the foundation of your cabin system. Its open and flexible architecture lets you customize with available functions and easily upgrade as new functionality and networks are introduced. Multiple built-in channels give you reliable global voice and narrowband data. For broadband communications, optional add-on units put the entire Internet at your fingertips.

Two built-in channels of Iridium service give you both global voice and narrowband data capabilities (for fax, graphical weather information and cockpit data). Its multi-channel PBX gives you features like call routing, call waiting and confer­ence calling.

Gogo Vision

Gogo Vision Brochure

Gogo Vision is the first on-demand IFE system that delivers movies, TV episodes, news, destination weather, flight progress and more. It’s a full library of the best titles from the biggest names in global entertainment, all streamed to personal Wi-Fi connected laptops or tablets from an on-board server. All media is fully approved and licensed for your use – even in a charter environment. It takes the guesswork out of providing in-flight entertainment. This is IFE the way it should be —on demand and at your command.

UCS 5000 Brochure

The UCS 5000 is business aviation’s first all-in-one smart router and media server. It’s a single system that orchestrates, manages, and delivers today’s incredible array of connectivity, entertainment, and information services.

As a smart router, it dynamically manages multiple networks. As a full-function media server, it’s your gateway to in-flight entertainment and file sharing. And of course it enables a full-featured voice experience.


Gogo Text & Talk

Gogo Text & Talk is an exclusive add-on for Gogo Biz that lets you use your personal smartphone to call and text in the air just like you do on the ground.

The service is completely software based, so if you already have Gogo Biz voice and data, no additional hardware is required. All you need to do is buy a software key and you’re ready to go. With the app running on your phone, if someone dials your number – it rings. If someone texts you – it goes through. Your address book and caller ID work too. It’s almost as though you never left the ground.

Gogo OnePhone Brochure

Communications have advanced at breakneck speeds, so using cabin handsets shouldn’t feel like you’re going back in time. Instead, go wired or wireless on Gogo OnePhone with its big, bright touchscreen display and Android-based platform.

Proprietary Gogo Business Aviation technology delivers exceptional call quality and business aviation’s most advanced noise-reduction technology. Gogo OnePhone is the modern way to stay connected to your business, life and world when you fly.