Gogo Vision Helps Control Cost of Streaming

Streaming services like Neflix, Hulu and Spotify are great. They also can use a lot of data, which can mean unpredictably high service costs. That’s why the Gogo AVANCE platform includes Gogo Vision.

At a maximum cost per month of $895, your passengers can be fully entertained and informed, while saving their streaming for less data-intense activities.

  Streaming Gogo Vision entertainment
Number of devices Varies by flight
  • Up to 25 on SCS Elite, SCS Media and Gogo AVANCE L5
  • Up to 16 on UCS 5000
Cost Minimum $3,125* Maximum $895**
Movies and TV shows Through the internet 150+ titles,
updated with the hottest hits monthly.
Movies before Netflix/Hulu release  
Watch movies & TV on the ground  
Audio like Pandora/Spotify  
Destination weather Through the internet
Moving maps Through the internet
News clips Through the internet
Seamless content updates   Gogo Cloud & USB
(no data required)
Stream to cabin monitors  
Works worldwide  
CMS integration  
* Based on minimum Gogo Biz 4G data plan ** Based on Gogo Vision service pricing for English-only content

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