Promo term extended! You now have until 12/31/22 to install/activate service (previously 6/30/22) to qualify for our AVANCE promotions. See the FAQ for more details. 

2021 Promotions:
Avance for Classic ATG customers

Learn about Gogo's customer loyalty promotions for upgrading your Classic ATG system to an AVANCE L3 or L5.

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Explore AVANCE L5

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3 easy steps to start flying smarter

  1. Confirm eligibility: 

    • Aircraft must currently be equipped with an ATG System (ATG 1000/2000/4000/5000/8000)

    • Aircraft must have a billing account that is current (no past due balance owed)

    • Customer must purchase an AVANCE system and return the classic ATG unit to Gogo.​

  2. Submit the 2021 Promo Request form 

  3. Install AVANCE L3 or L5 and have service activated by December 31, 2022 ​​(If needed, equipment must be purchased/shipped from Gogo by 12/31/21).

Still have a few questions? Find the answers on our 2021 Promos FAQs.

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