Smart Cabin Systems


SCS is a new suite of smart cabin systems that integrate your personal mix of inflight connectivity technologies to make your ideal cabin experience work – seamlessly and reliably. Whether that’s providing a single interface that passengers can use to engage with a fully connected cabin or offering up on-demand inflight maps and movies - you decide what smart looks like, and SCS does the rest.

You define the cabin experience. SCS brings it to life.

Gogo understands that envisioning the perfect passenger cabin experience is the easy part. The hard part is finding a simple, powerful way to integrate all the inflight connectivity and entertainment (IFEC) technology needed to bring it to life.

That’s why we created SCS.

SCS Elite

SCS Elite gives passengers a single interface from which they can engage with cabin technologies. It’s an advanced platform that makes your aircraft cabin feel just like home and office: an efficient environment where passengers can use their personal devices to easily access all available data, voice, maps, entertainment and CMS services.


SCS Media

Sometimes passengers simply want to unwind. SCS Media is a small, lightweight system that lets you easily premier an on-demand news, inflight information and entertainment experience starring moving maps and Gogo Vision. So now everyone in your cabin can pass the time in visually-stunning style: no matter what, or where, you fly.