SCS Elite

Integrated cabin, inflight entertainment and voice

SCS Elite gives passengers a single interface from which they can engage with cabin technologies. It’s an advanced platform that makes your aircraft cabin feel just like home and office: an efficient environment where passengers can use their personal devices to easily access all available data, voice, maps, entertainment and CMS services.

SCS makes your job easier. You make the passenger experience better.

For aircraft owners, operators and flight departments, SCS Elite is truly the king of the cabin that lets you create a productive, consistent and reliable passenger experience no matter what, or where, you fly. We purpose built SCS Elite to make your job easier: accomplishing what no other single router, CMS, or other solution on the market can offer.

You'll enjoy the performance. We'll manage the players.

feature icon SCS features
feature icon SCS features
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Smart router that makes the experience seamless
  • 802.11ac for improved Wi-Fi performance
  • WAN management
  • Dynamic, multi-bearer data and voice management
Inflight maps, entertainment and information
  • Moving maps
  • Bloomberg news
  • Destination weather
  • Licensed TV episodes(subscription required)
  • 200+ licensed movies (subscription required)
  • Multi-language audio tracks
  • International user interface text
  • Gogo cloud automatic content updates available in your own hangar or at any Gogo Cloud global location
Integrated terrestrial modem
  • Free passenger 4G/LTE on ground connectivity in 120+ countries
PBX auto attendant manages and personalizes voice calls
  • Manages and automatically routes calls over Iridium, Inmarsat, SwiftBroadband and Gogo Biz
  • Greets people calling the aircraft and allows caller to ring the cockpit, the cabin, or ring all phones
One-touch Cabin Management System access
  • No more opening and closing different applications to control your cabin
Gogo Business Services gateway keeps a watch on your service
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and support
  • Remote maintenance, diagnostics & support via the Gogo gateway

Total cabin control. Aviation grade.

SCS Elite is designed by aviation experts for aviation experts. That's why we obsess over perfomance and specifications. It's also why your solution is supported worldwide, 24/7/365 by our #1 ranked customer service teams.