Gogo Text & Talk

Your phone. Your number. Smart takes flight.

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Gogo Text & Talk is an exclusive add-on for Gogo Biz® that lets you use your personal smartphone to call and text in the air just like you do on the ground. It uses your personal phone number eliminating two-step dialing routines, call forwarding protocols or pre-programmed extensions. It also works through Wi-Fi connection, so there’s no need for expensive and heavy picocell technology.

The service is completely software based, so if you already have Gogo Biz voice, no additional hardware is required. All you need to do is buy a software key and you’re ready to go. With the app running on your phone, if someone dials your number – it rings. If someone texts you – it goes through. Your address book and caller ID work too. It’s almost as though you never left the ground.


Three Easy Steps

  • 1. Activate

    Activate the Gogo Text & Talk service at the aircraft level, by purchasing a dealer-installed software key. 

  • 2. Download

    iDrop the Gogo Text & Talk app on your smartphone and perform a one-time registration.

    Get it on Google Download on the App Store

  • 3. Climb Aboard

    Climb aboard, activate Airplane Mode, connect to Wi-Fi, then launch the app and enjoy.