ATG 1000 vs. ATG 2000

Which product is right for you?

  ATG 1000 ATG 2000
Available for all airframes (turboprop, light, mid, heavy) X X
High performance email with attachments X X
Call & test with your own smartphone & number [Gogo Text & Talk] X Optional
Web browsing   X
Corporate VPN access   X
Cockpit application support (FlightAware, ForeFlight, Honeywell, WSI) 4 apps supported All apps supported
Simultaneously connect up to five personal devices X X
Compatible with Gogo OnePhone handset (optional) X Optional
Make up to two simultaneous voice calls X X
Coverage over the continental U.S. and portions of Alaska & Canada X X
Equipment Specs
Light weight equipment package (LRU, antenna & Cabin Telecommunications Router) 17 lbs 17 lbs
Software upgrade path (ATG 1000 to ATG 2000)   X
Compatible with SCS family of products X X