A higher inflight IQ

A world of airborne communications for business aviators

Gogo’s inflight connectivity and entertainment solutions enable passengers, pilots and operators worldwide to fly smarter. Whether it’s leveraging Gogo’s entire network offerings (from 4G and Next Gen to global satcom services), on-demand IFE, or data for the flight deck, our 25 years of expertise and experience can help you create connections in ways never before possible. 

With more than 11,000 systems shipped worldwide, our voice, data and broadband systems are a factory option with every major business aircraft manufacturer and are installed on the world’s largest fractional ownership fleets. We are also consistently rated best in customer support because our customers know that the widest selection of network services and equipment also comes with expert guidance and exceptional support.

Broadband Wi-Fi

Gogo 2Ku

High-speed inflight Wi-Fi is the ultimate luxurious necessity for modern travelers in a digital world. With Gogo® 2Ku, whatever you do at home and the office, you can now do in your cabin. Get work done so you land farther ahead than when you left. Watch live sports and catch all the action. Stay in touch with friends and family via text, chat and phone. Listen to your favorite music apps. It’s the smart way to take your world with you when you fly.


Limitless experience. Zero compromise. That’s the promise our new Gogo Ku network makes to global business aviation. Gogo Ku is the next leap in our connectivity innovation and provides worldwide aviators an uncompromising, unparalleled blend of inflight experience, coverage, reliability, capacity and growth.

The Gogo Ku network outperforms other global connectivity solutions in delivering industry-leading broadband speeds and superior performance around the globe. For your passengers, it means business aviation without boundaries: streaming, VPN, email, video conferencing, music, and any other digital demand you can think of.

Gogo Biz 4G

Gogo Biz® 4G is the network that delivers the speed you need, from the connectivity powerhouse the aviation world counts on. Gogo Biz 4G is the evolution of Gogo Biz – the proven, reliable air-to-ground network that’s been connecting tens of thousands of business aviation customers for many years. Gogo Biz 4G provides more robust broadband performance to power the applications that today’s business aviation travelers demand.

Gogo Biz

The Gogo Biz® network delivers domestic broadband Internet and voice for almost anything you fly. It’s the only airborne network that gives you Wi-Fi and voice with equipment small and light enough for virtually any aircraft. You can surf the Internet, send and receive email with attachments, and log into your corporate VPN using your own laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Performing at affordable airborne data speeds, Gogo Biz allows you to use your Wi-Fi connected devices to do in the air virtually everything you do on the ground. You can even use your own smartphone by adding Gogo Text & Talk. Gogo Biz is the way you can stay every bit as connected and productive when you fly.

Smart Cabin Systems

SCS Suite


SCS is a new suite of smart cabin systems that integrate your personal mix of inflight connectivity technologies to make your ideal cabin experience work – seamlessly and reliably. Whether that’s providing a single interface that passengers can use to engage with a fully connected cabin or offering up on-demand inflight maps and movies - you decide what smart looks like, and SCS does the rest.


Gogo Vision

Gogo Vision is the world’s leading wireless commercial grade inflight entertainment & information service for business aviation aircraft worldwide. It gives you an immersive experience starring 150+ fully-licensed blockbuster movies & hit TV shows (with new titles in every catalog), plus moving maps, destination weather, flight progress, news, and in-cabin file sharing. It’s all on demand and available for viewing on your favorite personal devices or cabin monitors.

For global audiences, Gogo Vision features international audio language options for select movie titles, so passengers can customize their interface and watch movies in the language they prefer.

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Gogo DASHboard enables flight departments to stand in the aircraft cabin (on the ground and in the air) and  quickly check the system status and network availability for any Gogo-equipped aircraft whether on the ground or in the air.

The free iPhone and iPad application provides visibility into the inflight connectivity system performance that gives flight crews peace of mind and grounds crews real-time data.

Gogo OnePhone

Airborne communications have advanced at breakneck speeds, so using cabin handsets shouldn’t feel like you’re going back in time. With the Gogo OnePhone, you get the modern phone you want, and the only phone you need, to stay connected to your business, life and world.

The sleek Gogo OnePhone handset uses proprietary technology to provide exceptionally clear sound quality. It also delivers business aviation’s most advanced noise-reduction experience. And its big, bright touchscreen display and Android-based platform make it fully user-friendly. The Gogo OnePhone is also the only phone available today that is globally compatible with all three of our airborne networks: Gogo Biz®, SwiftBroadband and Iridium®. So you can talk easily, and seamlessly, wherever you fly.

Gogo Text & Talk

Gogo Text & Talk is an exclusive add-on for Gogo Biz® that lets you use your personal smartphone to call and text in the air just like you do on the ground. It uses your personal phone number eliminating two-step dialing routines, call forwarding protocols or pre-programmed extensions. It also works through Wi-Fi connection, so there’s no need for expensive and heavy picocell technology.

The service is completely software based, so if you already have Gogo Biz voice, no additional hardware is required. All you need to do is buy a software key and you’re ready to go. With the app running on your phone, if someone dials your number – it rings. If someone texts you – it goes through. Your address book and caller ID work too. It’s almost as though you never left the ground.




The proven and affordable Iridium satellite network is the world standard for  voice and narrowband data in flight. Small, light equipment paired with good voice quality and affordable service makes the Iridium system the best in the world for global voice communications and narrowband data.


SwiftBroadband is Inmarsat’s latest generation of service for near-global access for light Internet, email and Corporate VPN access and voice. Faster, lighter and more affordable than previous global technology, it makes in-flight connectivity a reality for virtually any business aircraft.