KaiserAir receives FANS over Iridium (FOI) certification for the Gogo ST 4300 for Gulfstream IV, IVsp, V

SANTA ROSA, Calif./BROOMFIELD, Colo. – July 1, 2016 – KaiserAir earned STC Certification for its Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A solutions for Gulfstream IV, IV-SP, and V that adds Gogo Business Aviation’s ST 4300 Iridium connectivity solution.

“Gogo Business Aviation’s ST 4300 Iridium platform is scalable, flexible and affordable and we are pleased it was selected to be an integral component of KaiserAir’s FANS 1/A upgrade solution for Gulfstream IV / V aircraft,” said Sergio Aguirre, Senior Vice President of Product Management & Business Development for Gogo.

Issued May 30, 2016, the STC builds on KaiserAir’s January 2015 FANS STC certification that includes the Gogo Business Aviation AXXESS Iridium System (ST 4200) with Data Interface Unit (DIU) FOI Option — the very first FANS 1/A certification for the Gulfstream IV, IV-SP, and V.

“The system was designed from the ground up to be a cost-effective yet comprehensive Future Air Navigation System solution tailored to the value of the IV, IV-SP, and V that can be implemented in a short amount of time,” said Rick Brainard, KaiserAir director of maintenance marketing and business development. “The addition of Gogo’s ST 4300 brings the world-standard Iridium satellite network to the system.”

The ST 4300 combines global voice and data functionalities into a single box to reduce weight and box count. It takes everything Iridium can offer, including FANS and ACARS, and lets the customer configure cabin and flight deck connectivity based on their own needs and budget.

A trusted brand in airborne communications, Gogo Business Aviation is the leading provider of inflight connectivity solutions that increase the productivity, safety, and enjoyment of the business aviation travel experience.

KaiserAir, has a rich heritage dating back to 1946 as the flight department of industrialist Henry J. Kaiser’s family of companies. For nearly 70 years KaiserAir has maintained a perfect safety record while operating and maintaining aircraft manufactured by Boeing, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna, and Hawker. With FBO operations in Oakland and Santa Rosa California, KaiserAir is the premier MRO/FBO in the region.

“And we go direct to our clients’ hangars to install the FANS system, saving them time and the operational costs of installation — fuel, flight personnel, time away,” Brainard said of KaiserAir’s “house call” installation option — a service rare in the industry, adding that the company is “100 percent FANS compliant throughout its entire fleet. Like our customers, we’re operators too.”

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