Gogo Announces Automatic, In-Hangar Content Updates for Gogo Vision

LAS VEGAS, NV [NBAA 2015] – November 16, 2015 – Gogo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOGO), the leading provider of in-flight connectivity and wireless entertainment solutions to the global aero market, announces the introduction of automatic, in-hangar wireless update capabilities for Gogo Vision in the business aviation market – along with several other new features.

Gogo Vision, selected earlier this year by NetJets, serves up a licensed library of the hottest Hollywood movies and TV shows. It also includes features such as news, a flight tracker, flight progress information, destination weather, screen sharing, in-cabin file transfer and more.

With Gogo Vision, customers have the unique ability to receive fully-automatic content updates via Gogo Cloud, the company’s nationwide content delivery network. The system uses “machine to machine” Wi-Fi technology to automatically load fresh content when the aircraft arrives at a Gogo Cloud location, with no interaction required from the flight crew or maintenance personnel. Gogo Cloud capabilities are already available at select Signature Flight Support facilities and today’s announcement gives customers the ability to bring Gogo Cloud capabilities to their own hangars by installing a simple, no-charge equipment package available from Gogo.

John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation’s executive vice president and general manager, said, “Since the dawn of digital content, keeping aircraft entertainment libraries up to date has been a challenge for the business aviation industry. Transmitting extremely large media files over airborne connections isn’t practical and manual update processes are labor-intensive. Today’s announcement further reinvents the process, giving passengers an always-current content library without flight departments having to worry about it.”

Additional New Features for Gogo Vision

  • In December 2015, Gogo Vision will be available for viewing on cabin monitors, in addition to personal Wi-Fi devices such as iPhones, tablets and laptops. The in-flight experience can be configured to display Gogo Vision content by seating zone, on specific monitors or on all monitors at once.
  • Gogo Vision no longer requires integration with an in-flight connectivity system to complete its Digital Rights Management (DRM) verification. In addition to simplifying the installation and configuration process, this makes Gogo Vision a fully global, stand-alone IFE solution that’s accessible anytime during a flight.
  • Gogo Vision now includes increased customization for its flight tracker.
  • Gogo Vision now incorporates additional “smart viewing” features. For example, if passengers want to return to a program later, Gogo Vision easily allows them to pick up where they left off.

Wade added, “Passengers aboard business aircraft typically have very advanced digital lifestyles and Gogo Vision puts a wealth of entertainment and information at their fingertips. With these new features, we’re making Gogo Vision better for everyone – passengers, flight crews and maintenance personnel alike.”

Gogo Business Aviation will showcase a complete range of global and U.S. domestic in-flight connectivity and entertainment solutions at the annual NBAA convention, November 17-19 in Las Vegas.

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