Aircell Prepares for 2008 Launch of New Air-to-ground Broadband System for Business Aviation

ATLANTA, GA [NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention] – September 24, 2007 – On the heels of Aircell’s milestone partnership announcements with American Airlines and Virgin America, the company today released further details about Aircell broadband for the business aviation industry. Aircell, recently named one of the top mobile broadband companies by FierceBroadbandWireless, is set to launch Aircell broadband for Business Aviation, its exclusive new high-speed, air-to-ground data system in 2008.

“As Aircell’s broadband launch for Business Aviation approaches, the company is working to fulfill the long-standing, unmet needs of business aircraft travelers across the country,” said Jack W. Blumenstein, Aircell President & CEO. “With Aircell’s new broadband service, business aircraft travelers will soon have the option to connect using their own Wi-Fi laptops, PDA’s and dual-mode Smartphones in the cabin – at broadband speeds – greatly transforming their travel experience.”

The Aircell broadband link will be a modular option available exclusively to business aircraft equipped with the Aircell Axxess™ cabin system. The Aircell broadband equipment will include a single broadband LRU that weighs less than 15 lbs and connects to Aircell Axxess via an integrated Ethernet port. With Aircell broadband installed, passengers will log onto the Aircell Axxess 802.11b/g “hotspot” and experience broadband connection as they do in their home, coffee shop or small office. These speeds will easily support full-scale Internet surfing, e-mail with attachments and corporate VPN access.

At launch, the new broadband system will provide full, seamless coverage in the U.S. – from coast to coast and border to border. Service in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean is planned to follow. The system will automatically transition between ground stations, providing uninterrupted service as the aircraft moves across the country.

For business aviation broadband equipment, Aircell will begin taking orders in April 2008 and plans to make deliveries in the third quarter of 2008. The Aircell broadband system will operate over the exclusive, dedicated air-to-ground frequencies awarded to Aircell in a 2006 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spectrum auction. Pricing and additional technical specifications will be announced in the near future.

To assist customers in planning their MagnaStar® -replacement strategies and other equipment purchases in the coming year, Aircell has published whitepaper entitled Aircell Broadband Service: A Technology Primer for Business Aviation. It is available by calling 303.379.0271, online at, or from any Aircell representative.

About Aircell Axxess
Aircell Axxess is a family of latest-generation, multi-channel, satcom systems. With its “network neutral” design philosophy, Aircell Axxess equips aircraft with a modular, flexible cabin architecture that serves the operator’s needs today, and provides the ability to upgrade as new technologies become available in the future. The system comes standard with two built-in channels of Iridium satellite communications and new, certified handsets that incorporate noise reduction technology, ear bud/headset jacks, and color displays. Aircell Axxess is fully compatible with Aircell’s broadband system, which will debut in 2008.

About Aircell
Aircell® is the leader in global airborne telecommunications for the Business Aviation market. Its products are offered by virtually every fixed- and rotor-wing airframe manufacturer in business aviation, and are installed aboard the world’s four largest fractional ownership fleets. A single-source, turnkey provider of equipment, service, and technical support, Aircell simplifies airborne communications and keeps you In Touch, In Flight®.

The 2006 winner of the FCC’s exclusive broadband frequency license, Aircell is also pioneering a revolutionary new wireless broadband system for North America. Available only from Aircell, it will include robust Wi-Fi hotspots that enable airline passengers to surf the Internet, use e-mail, and log on to their corporate VPN’s using their personal 802.11a/b/g-equipped Wi-Fi data devices. The system will also offer airline operational communications capabilities and provide a path to a wealth of future cabin services.

Set for introduction in 2008, the new broadband service will also be available to business aircraft operators, offering a similar set of features.

Aircell ( has facilities in Louisville, Colorado, and Itasca, Illinois, USA.

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