Gulfstream Selects Aircell Axxess™ EZ Satcom

ORLANDO, FL [NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention] – October 17, 2006 – Aircell, Inc. is proud to announce that Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. has selected the Aircell Axxess™ EZ satellite communications system as its aftermarket MagnaStar® -replacement. Gulfstream is now offering it on a retrofit basis through its network of U.S. service centers and third-party authorized facilities.

Gulfstream’s program commitment begins with a significant initial order of the revolutionary new satcom system, which was specifically designed to replace the MagnaStar airborne telephone.

The newest member of the popular Aircell Axxess family of satcom systems, Aircell Axxess EZ is a comprehensive system that reuses the MagnaStar’s existing aircraft wiring and component locations, reducing installation downtime. It also gives operators the option of retaining key legacy system features, such as call alerting and integrated fax capability, when replacing their MagnaStar.

“We’re delighted to have our newest satcom system endorsed by one of the industry’s premier networks of service facilities,” said Jack Blumenstein, Aircell President & CEO. “Aircell Axxess EZ is the most convenient and capable MagnaStar-replacement solution on the market – not only for its ease of installation and current feature set, but for how comprehensively it prepares operators for the coming changes in airborne communications technology. The best example is Aircell’s broadband service – when that capability becomes available in 2008, it will be an easy add-on for Aircell Axxess EZ customers,” concluded Blumenstein.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. now offers Aircell Axxess EZ installations to operators of in-service, large-cabin, Gulfstream business jets – G550, G500, GV, G450, G350, G400, G300 and GIV/GIV-SP. Additionally, General Dynamics Aviation Services now offers Aircell Axxess EZ installations to operators of out-of-production GIII and GII aircraft as well as to operators of Challenger, Citation, Falcon, Hawker and Global Express aircraft. Together, Gulfstream Aerospace and General Dynamics Aviation Services comprise the General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) Aerospace Group.

Aircell Axxess EZ is the newest product in the Aircell Axxess family of satcom systems. It is a latest-generation, multi-channel, satcom system designed for medium-to-large business aircraft. With its “network neutral” design philosophy, Aircell Axxess EZ equips aircraft with a modular, flexible cabin architecture that serves the operator’s needs today, and provides the ability to upgrade as new technologies and links become available in the years to come.

Aircell Axxess EZ comes standard with two built-in channels of Iridium satellite communications for quality, worldwide voice and narrowband data services with full PBX functionality. Also standard are Aircell’s new handsets with large-format color displays, advanced noise reduction technology and standard ear bud/headset jacks. Optional wireless capabilities include a full 802.11b/g Wi-Fi “hotspot” which, when paired with a broadband connection, can be used to operate personal laptops, PDA’s and other Wi-Fi devices in the cabin.

By using Aircell Axxess EZ’s integrated expansion ports, additional links can be added to suit an operator’s needs. These include up to two additional Iridium channels, Inmarsat broadband connections, and coming in early 2008 – Aircell broadband. Additional system capabilities are coming on line regularly.

MagnaStar® is a registered trademark of Raytheon Company.

Aircell® is the leader in global airborne telecommunications for the Business Aviation market. Its products are offered by virtually every fixed- and rotor-wing airframe manufacturer in business aviation, and are installed aboard the world’s four largest fractional ownership fleets. A single-source, turnkey provider of equipment, service, and technical support, Aircell simplifies airborne communications and keeps you In Touch, In Flight®.

The 2006 winner of the FCC’s exclusive broadband frequency license, Aircell is also pioneering a revolutionary new wireless broadband system for North America. Available only from Aircell, it will include robust Wi-Fi hotspots that enable airline passengers to surf the Internet, use e-mail, and log on to their corporate VPN’s using their personal 802.11a/b/g-equipped Wi-Fi data devices. The system will also offer airline operational communications capabilities and provide a path to a wealth of future cabin services.

Set for introduction in 2008, the new broadband service will also be available to business aircraft operators, offering a similar set of features.

Aircell ( has facilities in Louisville, Colorado, and Itasca, Illinois, USA.

Tom Myers
Aircell, Inc.

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