Aircell Broadband Development Program Making Rapid Progress

MIAMI, FL [WAEA Annual Conference & Exhibition] – September 13, 2006 – After winning the exclusive FCC broadband frequency license at auction earlier this year, Aircell is making rapid progress in its effort to bring affordable wireless broadband service to domestic airlines and their passengers.

“We continue to see extremely strong levels of interest across the board – from customers, business partners, vendors, and in our recruiting,” said Jack W. Blumenstein, Aircell President & CEO. “We’ve heard directly from passengers expressing excitement about how our service will make their travels more enjoyable and productive. We’re making great progress in system design and development, and we look forward to commercial debut of the service in early 2008,” he continued.

“Demand is strong for a compelling wireless broadband solution in North America. It’s a historic and remarkable time at Aircell and in the airborne communications industry,” concluded Blumenstein.

At initial launch, Aircell’s broadband service will include a robust Wi-Fi hotspot that allows airline passengers to surf the Internet, use e-mail, and log on to their corporate VPN’s using their personal 802.11b/g-equipped Wi-Fi data devices. The system will offer voice service for airline operational communications and provide a path to a wealth of future cabin services including cellular data, integration of live and on-board content delivery, premium content, and additional airline features such as operational/crew data applications and security.

Aircell is working to complete the formal FCC licensing process. The company has completed all required documentation and payments on or ahead of schedule, and anticipates formal receipt of the exclusive FCC broadband license in the next 30 days.

Aircell remains confident that broadband service throughout Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean will follow shortly after service launch in the U.S. In past spectrum reallocation proceedings, regulatory bodies in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean have followed the FCC by mutually assigning the respective frequencies, allowing seamless communications solutions in those geographic areas.

Recruiting is another critical element in Aircell’s broadband development program, and the company has launched the largest nationwide campaign in its history. “We’ve received literally thousands of resumes from aerospace and wireless telecommunications executives, and we are seeing wonderfully talented people from all over the country who want to be part of our history-making team,” noted Aircell’s Blumenstein.

The company is seeking additional personnel with proven experience in executive management and administration, engineering, wireless network operations, sales & marketing, and customer support. For more information and a list of specific job openings, prospective employees are encouraged to visit Aircell’s Careers page at Additional program updates and announcements will come regularly as development of Aircell’s broadband service continues.

Aircell® is the leader in global airborne telecommunications for the Business Aviation market. Its products are offered by virtually every fixed- and rotor-wing airframe manufacturer in business aviation, and are installed aboard the world’s four largest fractional ownership fleets. A single-source, turnkey provider of equipment, service, and technical support, Aircell simplifies airborne communications and keeps you In Touch, In Flight®.

The 2006 winner of the FCC’s exclusive broadband frequency license, Aircell is also pioneering a revolutionary new wireless broadband system for North America. Available only from Aircell, it will include robust Wi-Fi hotspots that enable airline passengers to surf the Internet, use e-mail, and log on to their corporate VPN’s using their personal 802.11a/b/g-equipped Wi-Fi data devices. The system will also offer airline operational communications capabilities and provide a path to a wealth of future cabin services.

Set for introduction in 2008, the new broadband service will also be available to business aircraft operators, offering a similar set of features.

Aircell ( has facilities in Louisville, Colorado, and Itasca, Illinois, USA.

Tom Myers
Aircell, Inc.

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