Gogo Biz 4G to Next Gen

Get ready to fly smarter, go faster and connect with confidence with Gogo Biz 4G. The Gogo network is the present and the future of inflight internet in North America. 4G network speeds are coming in 2017, and Next Gen network speeds are coming in 2018, thanks to our complete, reliable, redundant network. Get on board with the simple, powerful solution that empowers passengers, pilots and planes to fly smarter.

In 2016, Gogo Biz 4G hit all the major milestones, and we’re on track to deliver faster inflight WiFi in 2017:

  • Software and hardware certifications approval expected December 2016
  • Antenna audit successfully completed: lightning, shock, vibe, crash
  • FAA concurrence on Cert Package submission – small antenna classification
  • Several Gogo dealers developing STCs
  • Delta Private Jets plans to equip 70+ aircraft with Gogo Biz 4G