Trade In Program FAQs

Q: Is this open for all ATG systems? 

A: Yes. Any ACTIVE customer using an ATG 1000/2000/4000/5000/8000 may take part in this program. 


Q: I'm currently installing an AVANCE™ system, can I retroactively get this credit?

A: No. The promotion is valid from May 15 through December 31, 2019. The dealer or customer must complete the "TradeUp Program Request Form" and the dealer must verify customer eligibility prior to installation. Equipment shipped between May 15 and December 31 would qualify as long as it is accompanied by a TradeUp Program Request Form completed during the same time period. 

Q: If I place an order by December 31, 2019 but don't have it installed, will I qualify for the credit?

A: Yes, you will qualify for the program if the online trade-in form is complete by December 31, 2019 and service is activated by June 30, 2020.

Q: My ATG system is old, do I still get the full credit?

A: As long as you have a Classic ATG installed with active (current) service today, you qualify for the service credit or install credit for that aircraft.

Q: Can I get the discount on multiple aircraft?

A: Yes. Customers who receive a multi-aircraft discount are eligible for this promotion. However, customers with a service pricing agreement (fleet program) are not eligible for this program; we'd like to create an upgrade plan that best meets your needs; please contact your regional sales manager for details. 

Q: When does my service start?

A: If you selected to receive a year of free Gogo Biz® 4G Pro service, your service will begin when you complete a new Subscriber Service Agreement (SSA). You can do this after installation by contacting You will have 12 months of service once the SSA is complete.

Q: Can I pause my free service?

A: The year of free Gogo Biz 4G Pro service begins when the SSA is completed and is valid for 12 months. It cannot be paused or deferred to a later time. 

Q: I selected the "free service" option on the "TradeUp Program Request Form"; how will this plan appear on my monthly service invoice?

A: Upon activation of their new AVANCE L5 system, you will see the Gogo Biz 4G Pro charge on your aircrafter service invoice -AND- a credit line item to offset the charge, which means you'll have free service for this aircraft. 

Q: What if I want a streaming plan?

A: If the customer selects a streaming plan, then the customer will be billed the streaming plan upon activation with a monthly credit for the value of the Gogo Biz 4G Pro plan. The credit will be applied each month for 12 months after activation. Following that, the streaming plan would continue billing without the credit. Customers will be required to pay any overage charges that exceed the Pro plan credit during the first 12 months. 

Q: What if my account has a past due balance?

A: Your account must be in good standing to qualify for the promotion. If your account has a past due balance on your monthly service account, then the past due balance must be paid in full before you will qualify for the program.  

Q: I'm purchasing a new aircraft. Do I qualify for this promotion?

A: The TradeUp promotion is intended for aircraft with active Gogo customers. However, if you are currently a Gogo customer and purchasing a new aircraft, please contact your regional sales manager so we can determine your eligibility for the promotion.  

Q: Is the service credit transferable if I sell the plane?

A: No. The credit is not transferable to either another aircraft nor another owner. 

Q: Does the announcement of Gogo 5G mean I should wait to upgrade?

A: Gogo 5G will be compatible with our AVANCE systems. Customers will need to upgrade to an AVANCE system in order to utilize the Gogo 5G network.

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