Power of 5 Program: AVANCE L5 + Gogo 5G

For a limited time, current Gogo customers can trade in their ATG classic system for AVANCE™ L5 and

Get a FREE Gogo X3 LRU (MSRP $50,995) that will connect them to the Gogo 5G network when it launches


Together, Gogo 5G and AVANCE L5 create “The power of 5” – key benefits no other connectivity solution can match.


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1. Performance

Make no mistake, Gogo 4G is fast inflight internet. But Gogo 5G will make your airborne experience so similar to your home or office that you'll feel like you're still there.

5G's incredible performance comes from the synergy of:

  • Channel bonding of multiple Gogo networks
  • Greater available bandwidth
  • New 5G beamforming techniques
  • Innovative beamsteering

The result? Imagine uninterrupted, seamless video streaming and the ability to serve a fleet of smartphones and computers in the cabin at the same time.

Low latency
Latency is one form of system communication delay that impedes how quickly you can work. 5G will reduce it from current levels to essentially zero: resulting in consistent and smooth internet usage on devices.  

  • This is especially important when compared to satellite systems, which have much higher levels of latency.
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2. Reliability

100% nationwide redundancy
Gogo 5G will bond with our existing network infrastructure, providing 100% nationwide redundancy and ensuring you have fast, seamless connectivity — even in the most congested airspace.

On the ground, wireless carriers provide redundancy across their networks.You’ve experienced this when you’re driving in your car and notice that your phone automatically switches between 4G LTE, 4G and even 3G modes. This network redundancy is a major factor in reliability keeping you connected as fast as possible, everywhere you go.

Similarly, Gogo will continue to employ its Gogo Biz 3G and 4G networks throughout the continental U.S. and portions of Canada.

  • This provides seamless redundancy to, and backup for, the 5G network. All so you can reliably stay in touch, everywhere you fly throughout North America.
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3. Scalability

Be ready for whatever comes down the pipe
Gogo 5G is more adaptable to new technology, as well as the changing needs and demands of users.  It’s the kind of future proofing and forward thinking that connectivity users have been looking for.

Gogo 5G will support:

  • All spectrum types — licensed, shared, and unlicensed
  • All bands — high, medium, low

This allows us to take advantage of technological breakthroughs as they’re developed – and quickly get the best innovations into your hands.

Further, the Gogo AVANCE L5 platform, which provisions 5G functionality, is built for seamless expansions and upgrades of services, eliminating the need for full system swaps.

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4. Software-centric design

Brains on board meets rapid innovation
Gogo is driving the shift to software-centric connectivity systems. We’re using the power of “smart machines” to make connectivity easier and more powerful, with less downtime, greater flexibility, rapid support and continuous innovation.

Together, Gogo 5G + AVANCE L5 allow us to:

  • Innovate more quickly and bring new services to market faster. (No previous generation of wireless technology has brought such promise.)
  • Fully leverage Gogo AVANCE platform benefits.
  • Accommodate 5G and other developments seamlessly and efficiently, on a continual development basis. 
  • Perform predictive diagnostics on the onboard system, thus reducing down time for the customer, which increases efficiencies and reduces costs.
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5. Customer support

Smart machines. Smarter experts. Greater enjoyment.
Gogo support is consistently rated best-in-class and our AVANCE platform takes your support to the next level because of its automated “phone home” capability.

This is connectivity using IoT to feed data from the aircraft to our service centers — and back again for better troubleshooting and resolution.

Gogo’s vertical integration, from our ground network to the onboard systems to billing, means that with a single phone call you can get all the answers, and access all the experts, you need: no need to call multiple customer care teams or wait for different firms to do their job.

All in all, it means you get to enjoy your connectivity with minimal disruptions.

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4 easy steps to upgrade your customers' aircraft

Questions? View the Dealer FAQs

Confirm Eligibility

Step 1 - Confirm Eligibility

  • Customer aircraft equipeed with a classic ATG System: ATG 1000, ATG 2000, ATG 4000, ATG 5000 or ATG 8000
  • With active Gogo Biz Data Service 
  • And current on their monthly services billing

Submit the form

Step 2 - Submit the Power of 5 Promo Request Form

  • Dealer or customer must complete the Power of 5 Promo Request Form by December 31, 2020
  • Gogo Sales Operations will reach out to support you with the PO and RMA process
  • Gogo will invoice the customer for the $10,000 deposit on the X3 antennas

Step 3 - Install L5

  • Install AVANCE L5 and have service activated by June 30, 2021

Step 4 - After Installation

  • Using the RMA issued by Sales Operations, return the classic ATG LRU to Gogo

Ready to make a trade?

Simply fill out the form to get the ball rolling on getting your customer ready for Gogo 5G. 

Power of 5 Promo Request Form

AVANCE L5 Specifications

  • Size: 5MCU
  • LRU Weight 18.0 lb
  • Mounting tray weight (fan) 4.2 lb
Power Consumption
  • Voltage range: 20.5VDC to 32.2VDC
  • Maximum power: 160W at 20.5V input with heaters on
L5 Data Sheet 5G eBook Power of 5 Promo Request Form

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