Is inflight Wi-Fi worth it?

Inflight internet is shifting from a nice-to-have to a customer and competitive necessity

Inflight internet is shifting from an amenity to a must-have for business travelers and pilots alike. Staying connected in the air means a more productive passenger experience, enhanced cockpit capabilities, and reinforced safety – all of which make Wi-Fi enabled planes more valuable to prospective customers and buyers.

But, between the up-front costs of installation and ongoing service fees, connectivity represents a significant investment for any aircraft operator or aviation organization. Ultimately, it comes down to a question of ROI.

To get to the bottom of the “Is Wi-Fi worth it” question, we interviewed key stakeholders and aviation professionals and visualized the results in this infographic: which shows the cost-benefit from different angles, including aircraft size, flight duration, pilot and passenger needs, network capabilities, and organizational goals.

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