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The ROI of Wi-Fi for Charter

Discover how charter organizations see more revenue and a return on investment with inflight internet

Inflight Wi-Fi, once a financial obstacle for charter organizations, has become a necessity driven by passenger demand. Passengers want to stay connected to their life and work on the ground while flying, and if you don't enable them to do so they'll find someone else who will. The question has become not if to make the investment, but when.

Download our eBook to discover how upgrading your aircraft with inflight Wi-Fi carries several proven benefits that translate directly to increased revenue.

You’ll learn:

  • How to calculate ROI for inflight internet and connectivity services
  • Connectivity drives revenue with new and return bookings by giving passengers with the modern amenities they have come to expect
  • Enhancing the travel experience protects your reputation and supports marketing capabilities
  • How current Gogo charter customers have realized success with connectivity

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