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Citation Owner Realizes Benefits with Inflight Wi-Fi

See how Gogo ATG 2000 delivers real value to a light jet pilot and his passengers

Tracy Forrest

Tracy Forrest, an experienced light jet pilot and CJ3+ owner, was an early adopter of inflight connectivity on his aircraft. He had installed earlier versions of satellite systems, but coveted Gogo ATG systems because they offered broadband connectivity that performed better than what he was using.

"When people buy an aircraft they look for higher, farther and faster. The Gogo ATG system goes higher, farther and faster than any other inflight Wi-Fi provider that I've used before. It's an incredible system." explains Forrest.

Download the customer case study to discover how Forrest realized the opportunity to install a Gogo ATG 2000 inflight connectivity system. And, see how he was able to determine a return on investment with the system installation and service with the value of increased productivity when he flies.

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