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Gogo's regional aviation field service engineers

On the ground support experts offer more timely response

While 98% of the issues we receive in Gogo’s customer operations can be resolved remotely, sometimes we receive tougher issues that require an aviation connectivity expert on site. When that happens, we've got you covered with our team of regionally placed field service engineers (FSEs).

Gogo FSEs are highly experienced inflight connectivity experts that have over 180 years of aviation experience combined. These FSEs are strategically located at some of the busiest airports across the U.S. and in Europe to provide technical service and support for your inflight connectivity systems where and when you need it.

“In the past, when we had a technical issue that required hands on the box we would fly one of our local guys from our offices in Broomfield to the customer’s facility,” shares Dave Glenn, Vice President of Customer Operations. “That took time and left the customer waiting. With our team of regional FSEs, we now can offer more immediate support – shifting our response time to hours versus days.”

Onsite field service engineers provide a deeper level of technical support to our customers, such as:

  • Regular maintenance and software upgrades of the ATG product series – to ensure you’re flying with the latest technology and services that Gogo provides.

  • In-cabin Wi-Fi mapping support – providing guidance on how to install and operate your inflight internet system to best meet your aircraft and passenger needs.

  • General troubleshooting support – that allows you to get to the root of connectivity issues sooner, when a problem does arise.

Glenn adds: “Still, the quickest route to resolution is to call into our 24/7 technical support team. Our FSEs are just another arm to the full-service support we provide at Gogo Business Aviation. But, when they need a trusted advisor on the ramp, our customers can rely on their regional FSE for that higher level of technical expertise.”

Gogo’s field service engineers complement the growing offering of service and support tools we provide our customers. Gogo DASH is a service and support application that enables flight departments to check system status and network availability when they fly. The Gogo AVANCE platform introduces on-demand, real-time support with our Business Services Gateway (BSG). And, the Gogo FSEs are the face-to-face support you may require which allows you to configure and operate your systems optimally.

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