UCS 5000: The World's First Smart Cabin System

Not that long ago, business aircraft communications were pretty simple, most airplanes just had a voice system in a couple handsets. Today however the in-flight experience is an amazing array of connectivity entertainment and information. You have Iridium, Swift BroadBand, Gogo biz , cabin management systems, entertainment systems, routers, networks printers, interface boxes, data compression, and more. And you have cabin handsets, personal smartphones, laptops, tablets, and remote controls to make it all work. Installing and using everything can be a complicated, inefficient, clunky mess. It was time for someone to revolutionize the aviation router and here it is: introducing UCS 5000. UCS 5000 is business Aviation's first and only smart cabin system that's so much more than just a router powerful functionality in a single system that orchestrates, manages and delivers today's incredible array of in-flight capabilities. It gives you all the router features you expect like 80 two-point 11 wifi and network management plus other advanced functionality such as 3G ground connectivity and data compression as well as peripheral networking and only important cabin and cockpit interfaces all from one box that makes everything work together. Learn more about UCS 5000