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Gogo DASH visibility and monitoring toolkit

Gogo DASH gives your inflight personnel and on-the-ground operations and support teams the ability to see what's happening with your entire Gogo connectivity experience.

  • The DASH mobile app lets inflight personnel quickly check the health status of all Gogo services and systems on board.
  • The DASH portal enables ground-based operations and support teams to monitor critical information on Gogo connectivity performance, bandwidth and device use, network health, and available services.

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Want better in-cabin Wi-Fi performance?

Discover simple tips you can use today to take your inflight internet from good to great. A few key ideas can help you improve the airborne internet experience for all on board. You can either watch the 15-min recorded webinar or read the blog post for your tips.

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Here you can quickly access usage/billing information, download the apps you'll need before takeoff, see the latest user guides, product brochures and seatback cards for your Gogo solutions, and contact Customer Support.

4 quick tips to optimize your cabin internet performance

Knowing how to maximize your available bandwidth can make a big difference in inflight Wi-Fi performance. A few key ideas can help you get the most from your airborne connections.

Limit the number of active devices

Remember that even “inactive” devices consume small amounts of bandwidth. Power them down when you can, and disable automatic updates while you’re in the air.

Suspend cloud services

Don't use valuable inflight data with background tasks that can easily be done on the ground. Turn off services like: iCloud, Google Drive, etc., and sync them once you’ve landed.

Be aware of what data types you’re consuming

For example, watching a video will consume exponentially larger volumes of bandwidth than downloading an Excel sheet. And content within apps, like that autoplaying Facebook video, can stealthily rob you of bandwidth.

Understand your options for streaming or viewing video

Download what you want to watch prior to take-off or enroll in an inflight entertainment (IFE) service, such as Gogo Vision. Gogo Vision delivers movies, TV shows and other media directly from an aircraft server versus streaming content in flight, minimizing unexpected data charges.