Gogo Biz 4G to Next Gen

Get ready to fly smarter, go faster and connect with confidence with Gogo Biz 4G. The Gogo network is the present and the future of inflight internet in North America. 4G network speeds are coming in 2017, and Next Gen network speeds are coming in 2018, thanks to our complete, reliable ... Continued

Gogo Biz 4G Flight Test

Get ready to go faster, with Gogo Biz 4G . An April 2016 flight test demonstrates the successful completion of the initial phase of testing for the Gogo Biz 4G service, marking a significant milestone in our development of a new generation of connectivity and enhanced capabilities for business ... Continued

UCS 5000: The World's First Smart Cabin System

Not that long ago, business aircraft communications were pretty simple, most airplanes just had a voice system in a couple handsets. Today however the in-flight experience is an amazing array of connectivity entertainment and information. You have Iridium, Swift BroadBand, Gogo biz , cabin ... Continued

Gogo Partners with Wish for Wheels

"So most of the time, Gogo is in the business of connecting passengers on airplanes through wifi. What we're looking to do today is form another kind of connection - we're putting together about 57 bikes for kids..." John Wade, EVP and General Manger of Gogo Business Aviation.

Wi-Fi for Light Jet and Turboprops. Fly Smarter.

If you fly a light jet or turboprop, including: Pilatus, King Air, Citation, Phenom, Learjet, Hawker, TBM… The connectivity revolution is calling you. And emailing. And texting. Gogo Business Aviation gives you fast inflight internet, starting at just $39* per hour. You can enable ... Continued

In the cabin. In the cockpit. ATG 1000.

The average business person sends and receives 105 emails every day. Questions is: How will you stay on top of all those emails if you're in flight? Say hello to the ATG 1000. The Gogo Biz ® email, text, voice, cockpit apps connectivity system that's anything buy basic.

Gogo Business Aviation Iridium - How It Works

Iridium is the Gold Standard for truly global in flight voice calling. And now it enables Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) capabilities for direct data communication between pilots and air traffic control. Here’s how it works: Iridium uses a consolation of 66 satellites, each circling ... Continued

Gogo Business Aviation SwiftBroadband - How It Works

Swiftbraoadband gives you state of the art in-flight internet and voice, that goes with you worldwide. This is the reliable and affordable service you need to stay productive when you fly. Here's how it works. Swiftbroadband operates on 3 Geostationary satellites, each the size of a double ... Continued