Integrated inflight connectivity and entertainment platform

Gogo AVANCE L5 is your unified Gogo Biz 4G technology platform that delivers an incredible inflight experience. From streaming video and audio, to on-demand movies, TV and magazines, to personal smartphone use, real-time data for cockpit apps, and remote monitoring and support, with Gogo AVANCE L5 you can do it all. 


A single system on which an entire world of connected aviation technologies, services, and applications can run

Gogo AVANCE L5 features:

  • Fast Gogo Biz 4G inflight internet
  • Advanced router for an integrated cabin experience
  • 802.11ac for improved Wi-Fi performance
  • Moving maps, news clips, weather
  • 30+ current magazine titles (subscription required)
  • Fully licensed TV episodes and movies (subscription required)
  • 4G/LTE terrestrial modem for on-ground connectivity in 120+ countries
  • Automatic call routing over global networks
  • One touch Cabin Management System (CMS) access
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • DASH mobile app for system status information

Gogo AVANCE L5 brings it all together

With the power of platform technology, you decide what your ideal inflight experience looks like, and Gogo AVANCE L5 will make it possible. 

  • Connectivity control: A whole new level of data and voice control
  • Entertainment, information and apps: Mobile experience meets “wow”
  • Smart Cabin customization: Simplify and deliver your ideal cabin experience
  • Real time, proactive support and tools: Customer support the way you want it





Unleash the 4G experience with AVANCE L5

Discover all the possibilities of the Gogo Biz 4G network combined with AVANCE L5. Faster Wi-Fi performance. Seamless connectivity. Streaming video and audio. Moving maps, weather information, and news clips. An on-demand library of fully licensed movies and TV episodes. A library of current magazine titles. Real-time data for cockpit apps. Available on the proven, reliable Gogo network. Now you can.

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