U.S. inflight Internet + international voice service. 
All for one low price.

If you fly in both the U.S. and internationally, here’s your chance to get comprehensive connectivity for one deeply discounted price. It’s the inflight Wi-Fi and voice service your passengers want, at a price and simplicity that will make owners happy.

ATG 2000 Super Bundle: $59,995 (22% OFF MSRP)

  • ATG 2000 — Gogo Biz® inflight Internet, email, & voice in the U.S./Canada
  • ST 4300-1 — Iridium® delivering global voice service, network router, FANS
  • Gogo Text & Talk — Inflight personal smartphone use (calling/texting)
  • Gogo OnePhone — Advanced, touch-screen cabin voice handset

Amazingly Affordable Service

Simply turn on affordable service and you’re cleared for takeoff:

  • ATG 2000 hourly rate (data/voice) service: only $99/hr.
  • Global voice service (Iridium): starting at just $84.95/mo.