Activate your ATG system

You're ready for take off

The good news: you already have a powerful Gogo ATG connectivity system on board your aircraft. The bad news? It’s not activated. Which means you’re missing out on being able to call, text, use domestic broadband Internet, and enhance your flight apps. Check out the information below, where we’ll answer your most pressing concern, and then show you how quick and easy it is to activate Gogo service. (Oh yeah, and potentially send you to Daytona for a NASCAR VIP experience!) 

Really: I have a system already?

It’s true. Our data shows us that your aircraft already has a system installed and ready to connect to the powerful, affordable Gogo Biz network. With Gogo Biz Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to stay connected to everyone and everything during flight. All you need to do to turn it on, is call one of our connectivity experts at 303-647-3472 or fill out the form below.

Activate. Enter. Go VIP at NASCAR.

Here’s a supercharged reason to activate your ATG system: the chance to win an up-close-and-personal NASCAR VIP experience with Gogo! Just activate your system before January 1st and you’ll be automatically entered to win a VIP trip to the Daytona 500, plus a meet-and-greet with NASCAR Champion Brad Keselowski.

Activate my system