Gogo 5G: First to fly

The Gogo 5G network is on schedule for completion later this year, and now is your chance to be the First To Fly with this incredible connectivity experience. For a limited time, both new and existing AVANCE L5 customers can secure their place at the head of line for Gogo 5G equipment and be eligible for a $30,000 rebate upon installation.

How do I qualify?
Reserve your Gogo 5G hardware today and connect with AVANCE L5 to enjoy all the benefits of our fast and reliable 4G connectivity now. You'll receive a $30,000 rebate when you exchange your L5 antennas for Gogo's new 5G antennas on your aircraft (when available). To get started, all you need to do is submit the First To Fly promo form by 12/31/22, followed by a purchase order with an authorized Dealer as soon as you can, then install and activate your hardware by 12/31/23.

Here's how to take advantage:

Gogo 5G

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With Gogo AVANCE L5, you're investing in Gogo’s best-in-class connectivity and entertainment experience today, and you’ll be prepared for all our innovations of tomorrow (including Gogo 5G). See how one solution can transform your entire inflight experience. 

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