Gogo Vision

On demand meets in-flight entertainment.

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Gogo Vision is today’s only fully-turnkey service for business aviation. And it will forever change the way you see IFE. Gogo Vision features the latest studio-licensed, on- demand blockbuster movies and TV episodes, as well as news from the Wall Street Journal, destination weather from the Weather Channel, moving maps, flight information, and even in-cabin file transfer/screen sharing. All at your fingertips, on your favorite personal devices or cabin monitors.

Add in the fact that Gogo Vision does not require an in- flight bearer, making it a truly stand-alone service. Then add in automatic, wireless updating via a nationwide network of update locations, or even in your own hangar. And you’ll quickly see why the new age of IFE is here.

Gogo Vision Rates

Service Cost
Service Fee- Includes 3G/4G modem service, mailed USB updates, unlimited content updates at participating Gogo Cloud locations and on-demand access to the following: $395 Month
News - The latest news headline videos Included
Destination Weather - Current temperature and weather Included
Flight Progress and Moving Maps - Destination, flight time, altitude, and ETA Included
Movies $10/movie
TV $6/episode
Gogo Vision includes not to exceed pricing (rentals & subscription fee): $895