Offers & Financing

The latest special offers and programs from Gogo Business Aviation.

Check out our latest special offers for unbeatable savings. Gogo Business Aviation offers in-flight connectivity that is affordable and accessible.

Offers & Financing

4G New Customer Sign & Fly Program

We’re making it easy to sign up for Gogo Biz 4G today, lock in big savings, and get connected with confidence – knowing you don’t have to roll the dice with your IFEC solution. Read More.

4G Customer Reward Program

You asked for more speed and capabilities on the Gogo Biz network and we’re happy to bring it to you. All it takes is a simple upgrade and you can enjoy our expanded network at 3x the speed. Read More .

ATG 2000 Super Bundle

If you fly in both the U.S. and internationally, here’s your chance to get comprehensive connectivity for one deeply discounted price. See PDF for full details. Read More .

Unprecedented Loyalty Program

Gogo Business Aviation believes in two things: our customers, and the power of connected skies. That’s why we’ll give current Iridium customers a free Aviator 200 or Aviator 300 SwiftBroadband equipment package when you activate a new, three-year data contract with us. Read More .

Iridium Axxess Phone System From Gogo

If your customers have a Gogo ST 3100, an old aviation phone system (like Magnastar & Flitefone), a phone system that doesn’t work, or no idea if they even have a phone system, you can give them a $15,000 trade-in credit towards a new Axxess system from Gogo. Read More .

Financing Program

The new Gogo Business Aviation Financing Program lets you finance equipment, installation and certification. So you can reduce your upfront investment and add the aircraft connectivity solutions you want, with the financial flexibility you need. Read more.

The New Data Bundle Discount

Save 20% on both Gogo Biz and SwiftBroadband data.Now you can have your data and save a bundle too. Just get both Gogo Biz and SwiftBroadband airtime from Gogo Business Aviation and receive a 20% discount on your monthly service. That can add up to significant savings. Read more.